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I read a book!  It seems like I can never finish a book until the threat of library fines is upon me, and even this time, I justified taking a little more time with “It’s like a donation to the library!”  But the book is finished.  And that book was Daemon by Daniel Suarez.  Josh read it, Larry read it, now I’ve read it, too.  And it was good! Daemon begins with the investigation of several mysterious deaths that occur after the passing of a billionaire computer programmer, Matthew Sobol.  The story follows the many characters investigating the strange events and unraveling the…

Liar Game


A friend recently recommended I check out the manga series Liar Game by Shinobu Kaitani.  I don’t keep up with manga much lately (though Liar Game debuted in 2005) and hadn’t heard of it, but my friend’s description of the plot sounded pretty intriguing.  I started reading, and now I’m totally hooked! Liar Game focuses on young woman named Nao whose defining feature is that she is honest and trusting to the point of being extremely naive and gullible.  Nao finds herself roped into a mysterious high-stakes game, the Liar Game, where the winner has the chance to make millions while forcing…

Ready Player One

Ready Player One

I had the misfortune of getting sick right between Christmas and New Years, but being bed-ridden all day allowed me to read all of Ernest Cline’s compelling sci-fi novel, Ready Player One, in less than 24 hours.  Since then, I’ve been recommending the book to pretty much everyone I know, and now I recommend it to you readers for its elements of mystery and puzzle-hunting. The story takes place in a down-trodden 2044 Earth, where everyone uses a free-to-play virtual world called OASIS as a refuge from the poverty and decay of the real world.  When the creator of OASIS,…