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Holiday Gift Ideas for Puzzle Lovers 2012

It’s the holiday season!  I thought it might be nice to gather some links and ideas for gifts that puzzle lovers might enjoy.  I’ll be collecting ideas over at this page for the rest of the month. So far I only have a few items, mostly games, so if you have any suggestions (including/especially your own products, or things your friends are offering), just leave them in the comments here or on the page, and I’ll add them to the list.  I’ll try to find some more over the weekend as well. Happy Friday, and Happy Holidays!

2012 Valentine’s Day Treasure/Puzzle Hunt


  This is the third consecutive year I’ve done some sort of puzzle hunt for Nick (and the fourth year total).  Here are the hunts I’ve done for him in the past: Internet hunt:  This was when we were in different places for Valentine’s Day one year.  The hunt sent him to different accounts of mine (YouTube,, etc.) where I had left coded messages.  The prize at the end was a drawing of us as ninjas! Escape the Room:  I “locked” him in our bedroom (basically left a note that said he had to escape, and when he tried…

Valentine Scrabble Gram @ Oh Happy Day

Are you planning a Valentine’s Day Treasure Hunt for your beloved next week?  Jordan over at lifestyle/design blog Oh Happy Day has an adorable free printable “Scrabble Gram” that would make a great component for a hunt, or just a fun puzzle-themed Valentine!  Your sweetheart opens the envelope to find a handful of colorful Scrabble-esque letters, and uses the numbers in the corners to arrange them in the right order, revealing a sweet message from you! To include this in a treasure hunt, you could write a clue on the back of the letters that only makes sense when they’re arranged…

Valentine’s Day Ideas for Puzzle and Mystery Lovers


  Is your significant other as crazy about puzzles and mysteries as you are?  Then why not show your love this Valentine’s Day with a fun, puzzle or mystery-themed gift or experience?  There’s only about one week left until the big day, so here are some ideas and inspiration: Gifts: A Japanese puzzle box is the perfect place to hide a small gift or clue in a treasure hunt, and the beautiful box itself makes a great gift as well.  Sold at Brilliant Puzzles and Puzzle Box World. Portal 2 is a fun puzzle platformer video game that couples can…

Take a Mystery Vacation with Nextpedition

American Express Travel is offering an interesting new service called “Nextpedition“, a “custom-made mystery trip” based on your interests.  Here’s how it works: you meet with a Nexpedition Specialist to determine your profile as a traveler — what you are interested in, what things you like to do while traveling, etc.  Then, the specialist creates a custom mystery trip for you based on your interests.  They book your flights and hotels, and plan fun activities for you to do during your trip.  A week before your trip, you receive a smartphone (on loan) and a dossier.  Once you start traveling,…

Eco-friendly Puzzle Decor by Matteria


Does your love of puzzles extend to your home decor?  Sustainable home goods store Matteria is selling these giant, puzzle-shaped cushions, called “Puzzle Poufs,” at 265 euro a piece (that’s about $365).  They’re made with recycled materials and come in several bright and neutral colors.  These would look pretty amazing in a Professor Layton-themed kid’s room, though their price is a little steep for the average home-owner.

Valentine’s Day Treasure Hunt

Valentine’s Day is only two days away, and if you’re still in need of a gift or activity idea, why not try arranging a treasure hunt for your significant other?  Anyone who has seen the film Amélie knows how romantic and exciting a treasure hunt can be!  And a recent episode of NBC’s The Office featured a clever and cute Valentine’s Day treasure hunt given to Erin from Gabe.  Gabe also explains the difference between a treasure hunt (finding a series of clues leading you to a final “treasure”) and a scavenger hunt (collecting a list of objects). A treasure…