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The Mole UK Season 1


  Last week, we put another stamp in our passport of obscure reality TV shows by watching Season 1 of the UK version of The Mole.  The Mole UK Season 1 ran in January 2001, at the same time as US Season 1 and AUS Season 2.   This is the 6th season overall that I’ve seen (2 US, 3 AUS), and now I kind of feel compelled to watch every English-speaking season I can manage to find! The Games: The Mole UK Season 1 featured a lot of the standard challenges we’ve seen in every season like skydiving, hostage rescue,…

The Mole Revisited – Regional Differences

The Mole - Elimination

  We finished watching The Mole Australia Season 3 last week and really got to talking more in-depth about the differences between that version and the U.S. version.  Keep in mind these comparisons are only between the seasons I’ve seen, U.S. 1 and 2, and Australian 1, 2, and 3. Our conversation started because of one baffling trend.  [Slight spoiler alert] In two out of the three Australian seasons we had watched, the runner-up player did not correctly guess who the Mole was on the final quiz.  In the two U.S. seasons we had watched, the winner, runner-up, and sometimes 3rd…

The Mole

The Mole - Title Screen

The year is 2001.  A young Clavicarius is watching TV with her parents.  She isn’t very familiar with the show they’re watching, a reality show at the birth of that phenomenon, but something interesting is happening.  Three contestants are separated into three different locked hotel rooms and tasked with the mission to escape.  Each room is a little different, and each has several objects and clues inside.  One of the rooms is pitch black.  The players begin discovering the clues and communicating with each other through the room phones, realizing that the clues and objects are somehow all connected from…