Welcome to Clavis Cryptica

Welcome to my new mystery and puzzle-themed blog, Clavis Cryptica.  My hopes for this blog are to find an outlet for my interest in puzzles and mysteries and to provide a resource and community for other people with a similar interest in the more engimatic things in life.

Here are some things you can expect here on Clavis Cryptica

  • Reviews of mystery books, movies, TV shows, and games, old and new.
  • Discussion of different types of codes and ciphers, their history and how to use them.
  • Contests featuring codes to decipher, images to interpret, and scav hunts to follow.
  • And much more as I think of things!

So join me in an exploration of all things mysterious, puzzling, and wonderful!  And feel free to send post suggestions to me at clavicarius@thewingedheart.com

P.S.  A special welcome to any Stoners and Fielders passing through!

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