Amazing Race Season 18 – Episode 2

Last week’s episode was finishing up the first leg of the race in Australia, so there weren’t as many puzzle-like challenges as in episode 1.  The Detour of this leg had teams making Aboriginal art pieces (a rock mosaic or a traditional spray-painting), but those were more exhausting than puzzling.

Periodic Table Map

This was the one challenge that included any puzzling.  Teams had to dress up in kangaroo costumes (complete with bouncy shoes) and hop to the location of their next clue.  In order to find the next clue, they had to decipher a map:  a copy of the period table of elements, with two elements highlighted.  Once teams identified the two highlighted elements, they then had to recognize that the nearby street names were  named after elements, and then find the intersection where the streets named after the two highlighted elements cross.

It was fun to see which teams knew their periodic table.  It looked like the first bunch of teams simply asked a woman with a smartphone to look up the symbols online.  The group working with Kent and Vyxsin were in luck, as Kent was able to remember the elements instantly.  The rest of the teams basically followed the ones who were already on their way in the right direction.

Hopefully with a new leg of the race starting on Sunday (in Japan!) we’ll see some new puzzling challenges.

(P.S.  Puzzles could be a great way to help a young student memorize the table of elements!)