Amazing Race Season 18 – Episode 3

No real puzzles this week on Amazing Race.  Just lots of being lost and cold in Japan!

My take on this week’s challenges…  if you have the choice between:

A)  A challenge where you have to search for something, and it is unclear how long it will take you to find that thing


B)  A challenge requiring you to do something physically exhausting/difficult, but you will likely be able to complete the challenge in a fixed amount of time

…pick B!  Don’t pick the one that leaves you searching in cold mud for hours and hours until the sun goes down, frustrating you more and more as each moment passes!  I can understand it for teams who didn’t think they could handle the physical challenge, but I guarantee you those people out in the mud for hours ended up much colder and much more mentally exhausted than the ones who chose the physical challenge (a sort of exercise ritual, and then standing under a freezing cold waterfall).

/end rant.