Say What You See Puzzle #3 – Solution

This week I increased the difficulty of the Say What You See puzzle, adding a second visual element and making a trivia question about the two puzzle pieces.  Still nothing too tricky, but hopefully solving two extra little puzzles made it more fun!

Here are the solutions for Monday’s visual puzzles:

Puzzle #1: [spoiler]Sum (Wario)Ware Rove ER Dee-dee Rain Bow = “Somewhere Over the Rainbow”[/spoiler]

Puzzle #2: [spoiler]RAV Eeyore Shelf A Mary Little Kris Mouse = “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas”[/spoiler]


And the answer to the trivia question, what do these two things have in common?

[spoiler]These two songs were both sung/made popular by Judy Garland.[/spoiler]

Congratulations to Jeremy, the only person to solve this week!