Alice is Dead

Yesterday, I stumbled across this three-part point-and-click flash game called Alice is Dead, and I had a surprisingly nice time playing through all three episodes.  The game takes a comically gruesome crime mystery spin on the Alice in Wonderland story, leaving you to investigate how Alice met her untimely demise.  The puzzles aren’t too tough, though some are quite clever.  There were a few parts where the next step wasn’t clear and I consulted a walkthrough out of impatience, but everything flowed pretty well for the most part.

Black humor in Alice is Dead

The graphics are solid, and the interface is pretty intuitive (including navigating from scene to scene).  The story is interesting enough, with a few really surprising twists, and the humor actually made me laugh out loud a few times.  My favorite thing about Alice is Dead is the way it uses audio for atmosphere, starting with a creepy old song about the boogeyman playing from inside a locked chest.  Overall, Alice delivered much more than I was expecting for a random flash game I happened to find.  You can knock out all three episodes in under an hour, so be sure to check it out!

Alice is Dead – Episode 1

Alice is Dead – Episode 2

Alice is Dead – Episode 3