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I’ve been having a fun week due to the fact that my husband Nick is helping me learn some programming!  I already know HTML, CSS, how to use JQuery, and enough PHP to find my way around most WordPress stuff (I even built a sweet plugin for a client over the summer), but I don’t really know any proper programming practices or languages.  Nick’s been wanting me to learn for a long time, but it’s hard to stay motivated just learning the basics with no application.  So I decided I want to make a little mystery/puzzle game, and that will give me something to keep working towards!  We decided to try out HTML5/Javascript as my “first” language to learn, and I’m building the game in the LimeJS HTML5 game framework.  I’ve gotten a little frustrated at times (I have a really hard time wrapping my head around certain concepts, and complex math), but luckily I have a very patient and knowledgeable husband who hasn’t gotten too sick of me yet!

To get started on my game, I just thought up a very basic idea for a puzzle to implement:  a combination lock where you have to enter the three numbers of the combination to open it.  It took me about a week to get it all working and polished, with a lot of hand-holding along the way from Nick, but it’s finally ready to share!  I didn’t want to just show off the program since that’s not very fun (and it’s not very impressive), so I’ve put together some puzzles for you to find the combination yourself!

I haven’t tested any of the three puzzles, so if they are too hard or easy, I apologize!  And please let me know if you run into any bugs with the lock application, or if it doesn’t load.  I don’t know much about HTML5, but I know it has a lot of cross-browser issues. One issue I’ve noticed: If you’re using Chrome, you might find that if you close this post and open it again, the application might not work (you can see the images, but the buttons don’t click). If this happens, try clearing your cache (wrench icon > tools > clear browsing data > Empty the Cache), or right click anywhere on the page and click “Inspect Element” to bring up the source code viewer (you don’t need to leave it open though). Both of these seem to wake the program back up. Not sure why it freezes up like that!

Clavicarius’s Combination Lock Puzzle

  1. Use the following three visual puzzles to figure out the three numbers for the combination lock.
  2. To confirm your answer, enter the numbers in the application at the bottom of the post and click “Check Answer.”
  3. If your answer is wrong, the lock will reset and you can try again.  If your answer is correct, you’ll be given a secret code.  You can use this code to claim your prize:  a drawing of whatever you want, made by me! The contest is over, so the code is only to prove yourself to other solvers!

No hints this time, so best of luck!









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Audio:  wrong, unlock, fanfare

Images:  lock, chains, wooden door

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  • Greg


  • Jen

    Woo! Congratulations to everyone who got it and got in time for an awesome drawing!

    Good job on the puzzles and programming! I had no issues with it freezing in Chrome, though the first night I was trying answers, the ‘wrong’ sound stopped playing (maybe it just got sick of me being wrong…- -) I’m glad though the fanfare worked fine last night! 😛 Well done, would play again! 😀

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