My First Game – First Look

Here’s a quick screenshot of the progress so far on my first ever attempt at programming a game!  It’s not much, but it took a ton of work and de-bugging just to get this far!

Only placeholder images for now (and for a very long time, until the game is basically finished and tested.  I don’t want to have to re-make any real art!)  This screenshot reflects the following functionality:

  • Display background image for a room/view
  • Left/Right navigation to view cardinal directions of room
  • Doors to connect rooms to each other, some are locked
  • Caption text that pops up on certain clickable places

Coding has been going pretty well, it’s kind of like a crash-course in basic programming.  =)  Sometimes the tasks feel very straightforward, like all I need to do is just work and code and I’ll just fly through development, but then other times a random bug will pop up and I have no clue how to handle it!  Luckily, Nick is close by to help me come up with solutions (usually via methods I didn’t know existed, haha) or determine which programming basics I just have no grasp of whatsoever.  It’s really satisfying when I’m able to use the code we’ve already made and develop a new feature without much additional help.

I was feeling pretty frustrated and stuck with one particular bug today, but now that Nick has helped me squash it I feel like I’m going to be making a lot of progress!  I think I’ve got a huge chunk of the core functionality of the game squared away, so now I really need to start designing and implementing puzzle-specific elements.

Can anybody tell what kind of game I’m making based on this screenshot alone?  =)