Valentine’s Day Ideas for Puzzle and Mystery Lovers


Is your significant other as crazy about puzzles and mysteries as you are?  Then why not show your love this Valentine’s Day with a fun, puzzle or mystery-themed gift or experience?  There’s only about one week left until the big day, so here are some ideas and inspiration:


  • A Japanese puzzle box is the perfect place to hide a small gift or clue in a treasure hunt, and the beautiful box itself makes a great gift as well.  Sold at Brilliant Puzzles and Puzzle Box World.
  • Portal 2 is a fun puzzle platformer video game that couples can enjoy together.  You can either take turns playing through the regular levels, or buy two copies and play in co-op mode.  Available on Steam and in stores.
  • Does your S.O. have a favorite old PC adventure game they remember from their childhood?  Find it online at Dotemu or Steam and re-live the nostalgia together!  Here are some titles to jog your memory: The Dig, The Last ExpressLoomMyst/Riven, The Secret of Monkey Island (special edition, updated),  7th Guest, 11th Hour.  Make sure you have some computer know-how before trying to get some of these older games to run on your computer.
  • Many board games these days require at least three players, but Carcassonne is a fun tessellation puzzle board game that can be enjoyed with just two players.  The relaxed pace and  mean this game leads to fewer lovers’ quarrels than some more intense games.  Available at your local game shop or on Amazon.
  • Stick to the basics and give your S.O. a jigsaw puzzle that the two of you can work on together.  Puzzles are a nice, relaxed way to spend time together.



  • Put together a treasure hunt for your SO that leads them to a sweet gift, or just a sweet kiss!
  • Look in your local area to see if there are any puzzle hunts or other adventure events going on.  If you’re in the D.C. or Baltimore areas, check out Ravenchase Adventures for their annual “Cupid Sucks Treasure Hunt” coming up this Saturday.  Gift your significant other with a fun day of chasing clues and solving puzzles!
  • If you know a few other couples, invite them over for a Murder Mystery party.  There are tons of companies out there offering party kits on every theme you can imagine.  Check your local game shop for boxed kits, or search online for boxed kits and kits available for download.  Alternatively, check for any local Murder Mystery dinner events you can attend as a couple (sometimes held in hotel restaurants.  Roanoke locals, check out the Star City Mystery Dinner Theater).
  • Enjoy a romantic evening planned around watching a classic mystery movie.  Netflix has a lot to offer on Instant Queue!

2 comments on Valentine’s Day Ideas for Puzzle and Mystery Lovers

  • Andrew Robertson

    Thanks for the great Valentine’s Day ideas! I took your suggestion to buy Portals 2, and my wife and I geeked out last night solving puzzles together in co-op mode. It was a blast!

    • clavicarius (author)

      Awesome! Glad you guys enjoyed it! =) I also recommend taking turns going through the 1-player story mode together as well, we had fun working together on that.

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