Twin Peaks Roundup

I didn’t watch the famous 90’s cult classic mystery show Twin Peaks until just last year (we blew through the whole thing on Netflix pretty quick), but I absolutely loved it and I’m now a huge fan.  I might do a more formal review-type post on the show later on, but for now I just want to round up some fun Twin Peaks links I’ve enjoyed over the past few months.

Web: Welcome to Twin Peaks

Welcome to Twin Peaks

If you’re a true fan, be sure to check out Welcome to Twin Peaks, the definitive Twin Peaks fansite!  They update super frequently with every tidbit of Twin Peaks news, trivia, and info you could ever hope for.  Everything I’ll post here has probably already been posted there!


Design: Living In Twin Peaks

Design Sponge - Living In: Twin Peaks

The amazing design blog Design*Sponge does a series called Living In where they gather up screencaps from particularly stylish movies and TV shows and pick out home goods and fashion pieces that match the aesthetic.  A few weeks ago, they ran a wonderful Living In feature on Twin Peaks!  The feature really captures the  cozy-but-eerie style of the show that has become so iconic.

Game: Black Lodge 2600

Black Lodge 2600

Ever wanted to play a Twin Peaks video game?  This might not be what you had in mind, but Black Lodge 2600 is an Atari-like fan-made game that puts you in the shoes of Agent Cooper trying to escape the Black Lodge.  The 8-bit style of the game only seems to ramp up the creepy factor.  Don’t play this game in the dark!

Music: Chiptunes by Norrin Radd

Speaking of 8-bit, here are some fun Twin Peaks tracks made into chiptunes, by Norrin Radd, featured on Welcome to Twin Peaks.  (There is also a great chiptune version of the Twin Peaks theme out there by artist Natty, but the site that used to host it is down.)

Norrin Radd - Audrey's Dance (Twin Peaks The NES Game) Norrin Radd - Dale Cooper Arrives (Twin Peaks The NES Game)

Art: TWIN PEAKS 3rd season comic


Here’s my favorite piece of Twin Peaks fanart, the cover of a third season pitch in comic form by artist yelahttm.  Can’t you just imagine this as a promo poster for a Season 3?  I also have my own bit of Twin Peaks fanart here.

Cosplay: Fashion Photoshoots

Bust Magazine

The people of Twin Peaks have such unique style that the fashion world can’t help but be inspired!  Here are some photoshoots and look-books inspired by Twin Peaks fashion:

Vice Magazine – Fire Walk With Me Photoshoot

Vice Magazine – The Owls are Not What They Seem Photoshoot

Bust Magazine – Twin Peaks Retro Looks Photoshoot

Modcloth – A Welcome Retreat Lookbook

And for a bonus, click here to see our Halloween costumes from this year, made from things out of our closets:  Agent Cooper (as an Honorary Deputy) and Audrey Horne!

6 comments on Twin Peaks Roundup

    • clavicarius (author)

      Thank *you* for making such an awesome resource for Twin Peaks fans! =D

  • Jen

    AHHHH Greg and I finished the rest of Season 1 last weekend, haha. I insisted on only watching when there was daylight. What was up with the ending?!?! I totally understand your costumes now though 🙂 The Living In feature seems cool, but it all seems so creepy! I don’t want to see that picture of Laura anymoooore!! Gaaaah what’s gonna happen?!?!

    • clavicarius (author)

      Wow, nice job!! Although Season 2 gets a bad rap, it gets even more paranormal/weird, so I love it for that! Hahaha, I totally know what you mean about watching it during the day, I get like that about so much. But most of the time we ended up watching it at night with all the lights off!! So we’d be down in the living room and that awful ending would come on and then we’d have to turn off the TV and go upstairs with that sound ringing in our heads, bleeeh.

      I think it gets easier to appreciate the style/aesthetic parts of it after you’ve been done with the show for a while and the creepiness wears off!

  • Greg

    My coworker told me that some guy in college took her to see Fire Walk With Me on their first date. She never went on another date with him.

    • clavicarius (author)

      Hahaha, this story is excellent. Still haven’t seen that yet though, gotta get on that!

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