Monday Shout-outs

A lot of exciting stuff has been going on lately, so here’s a more concise post than usual to round it all up!

Mysterious Music
Remember the Combination Lock Puzzle?  Well the extremely talented Greg Weaver (musician, composer, and friend) won a drawing from that, and decided to write a song based on the drawing!  The drawing features him and his girlfriend as Sherlock-esque sleuths hot on a case, so the song has a very mysterious feel perfect for deduction.  Check out the post to hear the first draft of the song and gain some insight into the fascinating process of music composition!

From Stage to Screen
My good friend and upcoming Black Letter Game teammate, Matt Marcus, is working on having his amazing and award-winning stage play, The Quantum Suicide of Sophie Miller, adapted into a feature-length film.  I had the pleasure of reading the play early on, but the synopsis describes it better than I ever could:  “The film will tell the tale of a neurotic physics professor who, consumed by repressed guilt and afflicted with various emotional issues, is driven to attempt suicide in order to prove a concurrently fantastic and infinitely alluring scientific theory – that of quantum immortality.”  While I wouldn’t describe the story as a “mystery” per se, the subject matter is inherently mysterious and mind-boggling.  The combination of fascinating theoretical concepts and human drama make for a compelling story that leaves a lasting impression.  Matt and the film crew have an online fundraiser going to help support the film, so be sure to check it out and support independent film!

Looming Deadline
Speaking of the Black Letter Game, registration is still open as of this morning.  The game starts THIS FRIDAY, so get a move on if you want to play!  For a quick synopsis of the game, check out my post here.

Fun With Words
You may have already played the word-association puzzle game Funny Farm over at  If you liked that game, you’ll love Krazy Kitchen!  It’s my friend Snooze’s take on the original FF game, and it’s a fun challenge that gets those old mental gears turning.  The game is not 100% complete yet, but it might be by the time you can manage to figure out all the existing words (it’s tough!).  Check out this page for hints and how-to.

Exciting Events
If you’re in the Virginia area, mark your calendar for these upcoming puzzle hunt and adventure race events:

March 17 – Charlottesville – The 2nd Annual Fink’s Diamond Dash
Nick and I did the C’ville Diamond Dash last year and had a really good time.  It’s a free puzzle hunt that sends you all around Charlottesville’s historic downtown mall finding clues and answering questions via cell phone to earn points.  Whichever team has the most points at the end of two hours wins a $15,000 diamond ring!  Wowee!  To learn more about the race and get the upper hand, check out my post about last year’s race.  Sign up for this year’s race here.

March 17 – Washington D.C. – Ravenchase St. Patrick’s Race
On the same day as the Diamond Dash is this St. Patrick’s Day Race by Ravenchase Adventures.  Unlike the Diamond Dash which is a puzzle hunt for the sake of marketing, many of Ravenchase’s adventure races are created purely for the sake of adventure and mystery.  This race takes you to bars and landmarks in D.C.’s DuPont Circle area, solving puzzles, codes, and riddles along the way.  Registration costs $30 per person, and you can play as a team.

April 14 – Richmond – The Richmond Adventure Race
Also presented by Ravenchase, the Richmond Adventure Race is a high-stakes adventure race where players must “decode history”, following maps and clues to different historical landmarks in Richmond, all leading to a climactic finale.  Cash prizes go to the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place teams, starting at $1,700 for the winning team.  Registration costs $35 per person, and teams of 2-6 can play together.  Nick and I are planning on attending this one, along with any friends we can round up!

Personal Props
And hey, just for the heck of it, a shout out to myself for two accomplishments!  1)  This is my 50th post on Clavis Cryptica, hooray!  and 2) After about 6 years of playing, I finally beat The Stone online puzzle game last weekend.  It was a beautiful moment.  There are only 216 puzzles in the game, but the Final Six alone took me and two teammates almost a whole year to solve (with help.  The original solvers took two years). It was a long journey, and I feel very accomplished!  I’m planning a more formal post on the game later, but ask in the comments if you want more details.

2 comments on Monday Shout-outs

  • Scott

    Congrats on the Stone! One of my happiest days was reaching 216/216!
    Now on the the Field!

    • clavicarius (author)

      Thanks so much! =) I was getting a little nervous when it took me so much longer than my teammates to solve the Enigma, but luckily it eventually reveled itself!

      We’re working on the Outside the Immediate now, and then I can’t wait to join the Field community!

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