Friday Round-Up

I’ve been so busy with packing and moving and unpacking this past week, there hasn’t been any time for puzzles in my life! =(  So I turn to you, round-up post!  Nick says he enjoys the bite-sized format of these posts so.. it’s not being lazy, it’s giving the people (person) what they want!  Yeah!

More Music
The ever-talented musician and composer Greg Weaver has posted version 2.0 of his puzzle/mystery instrumental piece, Gumshoes.  It’s much longer now, with even more story/character elements!  Very fun =)

Time’s Up
The Black Letter Game is officially full and closed, so you’ll finally stop hearing me telling you to go sign up.  There is a chance that more spots will open up later in the game, which would be announced online.

Events! Events! Events!Okay, so technically none of the events I posted last time have passed yet, but there is a new one on the list!  Anybody know of anything fun going on in May?

Tomorrow  Richmond and Charlottesville VA  St. Patrick’s Day Fun
It might not be too late to get in on the Ravenchase St. Patrick’s Day Race in D.C. ($30) or the Charlottesville 2nd Annual Fink’s Diamond Dash (free), which both take place tomorrow (Saturday, March 17th). Check them out if you’re in the area and looking for some fun!

March 23-25 – San Francisco, CA – Real Escape Game
This one isn’t VA local, but it’s too cool not to mention!  Making its American debut, Japan’s Real Escape Game gives you one hour to escape a locked room by finding clues and solving puzzles.  The theme is “Escape from Werewolf Village” – discover three werewolves among the villagers before it’s too late!  Saturday’s games are already sold out, and the rest are going fast.  If you’re in the Bay Area, don’t miss this one!  Read more about Real Escape Game here.

April 14 – Richmond, VA – The Richmond Adventure Race
Presented by Ravenchase Adventures, the Richmond Adventure Race is a high-stakes adventure race where players must “decode history”, following maps and clues to different historical landmarks in Richmond, all leading to a climactic finale.  Cash prizes go to the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place teams, starting at $1,700 for the winning team.  Registration costs $35 per person, and teams of 2-6 can play together.

April 28th – Various Cities, USA – DASH 4
Registration just opened up for DASH 4 (“Different Area Same Hunt”), a puzzle hunt that occurs simultaneously across 14 different US cities.  Team sizes of 3-5 are recommended and the cost to register varies from city to city.  Virginia folk, our closest DASH will be in Washington D.C.!

April 28th – Washington D.C. – CitySolve Urban Race
Also on the 28th and in D.C., it’s CitySolve Urban Race, an adventure race that uses Trivial Pursuit-style location clues and challenges (such as bowling a strike or building a house of cards) to send you on a race around the city.  For those of you who have done a Diamond Dash by SCVNGR, it sounds like a similar format, but uses trivia questions as clues for the locations (adding some much needed puzzling into the race).  It appears that taking pictures of your teams at different locations/doing different things is also required.  Cash prizes go to the top two teams, and the top three all get free entry to the Miami championship race on November 3.  Registration is currently at $45 per person, but will increase on March 28.  There are a lot of other cities hosting CitySolve races throughout the year, so check the website to see if one is close to you!

June ?  Washington D.C.  Post Hunt
It’s never to early to start thinking about Post Hunt!  Last year’s hunt was held on June 5, and I’m eagerly anticipating the announcement for this year’s date.  In any case, I feel like I need to start running now if I want to be in good enough shape to not DESTROY myself running around for the End Game like last year!

That’s all for today!  I’m off to get the last of our stuff from our old apartment.  I’ll be listening to a bunch of episodes of Team Snout’s “Snoutcast” podcast (which I just discovered) during the drive.  Team Snout run and participate in a lot of puzzle hunts and games, and that’s what their podcast is about.  I love it!  Go check it out!

Happy Friday everyone =)  Hopefully I’ll be back in puzzle/mystery-land by next week!

4 comments on Friday Round-Up

  • Jen

    Hey I enjoy these posts too! Bite-size is delicious!

    I imagine things have been hectic, but are you guys doing the Ravenchase thing tomorrow?
    I won’t be in town here for either of the April 28th events 🙁

    I’m excited for Post Hunt! Mainly because it’s free and nearby and you guys came up for it last year! Haha, totally forgot about the strenuous-ness of it…I better get in shape too!

    Good luck with the rest of your things!

    • clavicarius (author)

      No, we’re not going. We got scared off by the “made by and for high-functioning drinkers” part, hahaha. Are you guys going?

      We’re not sure if we’re doing DASH or not, I kind of just learned it existed! But I do want to try and do the Richmond one the weekend before! Arg, I’ve got to get my act together and invite people who might want to join our team, just 2 people is lame! Would you be interested/available??

      I’m getting reeeally excited for Post Hunt! Free all the way, hahah!

  • Alex Pearson

    Having run in Dash 1 and 2, and helped to run Dash 3 in DC, I definitely recommend it. They’ll probably keep the scoring system where time between puzzles doesn’t matter, so there’s no reason to run. I don’t know how they’re handling the ‘every host city writes a puzzle’ ethos this year with 14 cities participating, but if they use it to cull the least entertaining puzzles, this could be a blast. My wife has a bum knee right now, so I don’t know if we’ll be participating this year, but I’ve loved it every time I’ve done it.

    • clavicarius (author)

      Thanks so much for the recommendation! I am so so new to the puzzle hunt community, so it’s really helpful to hear more from someone who has been involved. And actually, knowing that there probably won’t be a need to run all day might be the deciding factor for us (especially if we do RAR the weekend before), so that is excellent to know!

      I glanced over a few of last year’s puzzles online, and they looked really clever and fun. I think I’ll see about putting a team together! =) Thanks again!

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