Monday Round-up

Happy Monday everyone!  Spring has sprung, and I am in an allergy-induced benadryl stupor, so here’s a round-up post!  Lots and lots of east coast events coming up.

Real Escape Game, Really Successful!
Japan’s Real Escape Game made it’s U.S. debut in San Francisco last weekend, running all sold-out games! According to the game’s twitter account, the escape rate was 10.16%.  Below are a few write-ups about the game.  General consensus: everyone had a lot of fun and enjoyed the elegant puzzles, but the aesthetic and theming were a little lacking, and it didn’t seem very different from just an indoor puzzle hunt.  Everyone is hoping for another U.S. game soon!

Krazy Kitchen is 100% Complete
My friend’s online word-association game, Krazy Kitchen, is finally complete!  Go give your brain a work-out and have some fun!

Post Hunt Date Announced
I did a little bit of internet searching and found an announcement on The Tropic/Herald/Post Hunt Archives website stating that the 2012 Post Hunt will be held on Sunday, June 3rd.  This date is also listed on the Post Hunt Wikipedia page.  Hooray!  Mark your calendars and start the countdown, that’s just two short months away!  Don’t forget, Post Hunt is free to play!

East Coast Events
Spring is here, it’s time to get outside, enjoy the weather, and solve some puzzles!  May is pretty barren though… maybe a good month to organize a casual puzzle meet-up through East Coast Puzzlers?

April 14th – Richmond, VA – The Richmond Adventure Race
Presented by Ravenchase Adventures, the Richmond Adventure Race is a high-stakes adventure race where players must “decode history”, following maps and clues to different historical landmarks in Richmond, all leading to a climactic finale.  Cash prizes go to the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place teams, starting at $1,700 for the winning team.  Registration costs $35 per person, and teams of 2-6 can play together.

April 21st – Boston, MA – BAPHL 5
BAPHL stands for the Boston Area Puzzle Hunt League. As the name implies, it is a recurring series of puzzle hunts taking place somewhere in the Boston Area.

April 21st – Boston, MA – The Quest for Fells Gold
Looking for an adventure to help tame your spring fever? Well here is your chance! Join us for The Quest for Fells Gold. Part Amazing Race, Da Vinci Code and Goonies, this adventure will keep you guessing till the very end. 

April 28th – Washington D.C., Boston, MA, and New York City – DASH 4
DASH 4 (“Different Area Same Hunt”), a puzzle hunt that occurs simultaneously across 14 different US cities.  Team sizes of 3-5 are recommended and the cost to register varies from city to city.  Only 7 spots left in Washington D.C.!

June 3rd – Washington, D.C.  – Post Hunt
Would you like to be part of something important and meaningful — something that will truly benefit all of humanity? No? Then you should join us for the Washington Post Hunt.  The Post Hunt is a wild, sprawling three-hour contest that plays out on the streets of D.C. To compete, you’ll spend an afternoon trying to solve big, bizarre puzzles strewn around the heart of monumental Washington. You could win valuable prizes.

Various Dates – Various Cities – CitySolve Urban Race
Where brains beat brawn! Teams of 2 to 4 solve clever clues and face fun challenges all while navigating the urban landscape via foot or on public transportation! It’s a scavenger hunt, with all the thrills of the amazing race, mixed in with trivial pursuit, throw in a mini road race and add a dash of cat-and-mouse. And voila! You’ve got CitySolve Urban Race!

  • April 14th – Philadelphia, PA
  • April 28th – Washington D.C.
  • May 5th – Manhattan, NY
  • June 1st – Rochester, NY