Gemstone Puzzle

Today seemed like a great day for a new puzzle!  I got the idea in my head the other day that I’d like to make a puzzle that involved gemstones because they are so beautiful.  It would be really fun to do something with real objects (using fake jewels of course), but since this is the internet we’ll have to settle for digital versions.

Can you solve my beautiful gemstone puzzle?  The answer is a word.  (Bonus points if you can guess which one of these stones is my favorite!)  You can click the image for a slightly larger and more beautiful version.  Good luck, and happy weekend!

[*UPDATE*] A little too easy, so I did some obfuscation.

6 comments on Gemstone Puzzle

  • tabstop

    Sadly, I can only identify six of the gems by sight (1,3,5,6,8,10) but that’s still enough to get zvarenybtl.

    And aren’t diamonds always a girl’s best friend?

    • clavicarius (author)

      Yowza, that was a quick solve! I might have to ramp up the difficulty if you’re going to keep hanging around =) Well done!

      No bonus point though!

  • Alex Pearson

    I’m going to guess Pearls; maybe you shoehorned them in even though the answer doesn’t strictly cover them! (and I would have picked one of my favorites for that slot)

    • clavicarius (author)

      Pearls are a good guess, and I do like them, but not my favorite! There aren’t any hints in the post or puzzle, this is purely a guessing game =) Though people who know me personally might have better odds (though ironically I think I wear pearls more often!)

      Wow, lapis is gorgeous! It’s so amazing to see such vibrant colors produced naturally.

  • Larry Hosken

    Yay, thanks for the fun puzzle. But no bonus points for me–there’s no keystone pictured here.

    • clavicarius (author)

      Very clever =) Thanks for solving!

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