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Obscura Day 2012


Happy Friday the 13th everyone!  What a perfectly spooky setting for a post about Obscura Day, “an international celebration of unusual places” coming up on April 28th.

Obscura Day is presented by Atlas Obscura, an online atlas of strange and unusual places around the world.  The website covers a wide range of places, from museums of the weird, natural phenomena, famously creepy cemeteries, abandoned prisons, haunted historical landmarks, and more.

Participants of Obscura Day are encouraged to seek out these places and enjoy them, independently or through one of the many events organized in celebration of the day.  Events range from historical tours to camp-outs to scavenger hunts, and pretty much every major U.S. city is represented.  The webpage even has a place to enter your zip code to see what events are happening near you.

Here are some scenes from last year’s Obscura Day:

Unfortunately, I’ll be DASHing on the 28th so I won’t be able to participate in any of these events, but I’ll be sure to keep my eye out for anything unusual, strange, or wonderful while we’re puzzle-solving in D.C.!  If I were still in Charlottesville, I would take a walk through the University Cemetery and Columbarium, where many of the namesakes of buildings on UVA grounds are buried and massive tree roots have set tombstones askew to create the most stereotypically spooky-looking cemetery you’ve ever seen.

Is there an Obscura Day event happening in your area?  Do you plan to attend?  Are there any unusual or mysterious places tucked away in your hometown?

2 comments on Obscura Day and Atlas Obscura

  • David G.

    Sada found out that there’s a place near us in Kagoshima, Japan that has an uber-creepy mysterious place. There’s a place called Sogi Falls that has a giant gorgeous waterfall and swimming hole. It was created by a big dam they placed there. On the side of the dam that floods is the old town of Sogi. It was abandoned and rebuild on the opposite side of the flood area. But the town and some of the larger old buildings are still there underwater…BUT, starting in May, the water will recede leaving an old turn-of-the-century factory/powerplant. We REALLY want to climb down and explore it! How creepy will that be?! It’s actually a story straight out of an anime we saw called Ghost Hound. But we had no idea it actually existed so close to where we live!

    • clavicarius (author)

      Wow, that does sound uber-creepy!! If you guys do go there, make sure to be safe! It sounds really interesting though, so maybe some people might be organizing a tour or something you could go on?

      It’s kind of funny the town is called Sogi, with an English pronunciation that would be an apt description of a town that has been flooded =)

      Also, I saw your ghost story on Facebook!! Super spooky!! I started watching X-Files last week (oh man I’m so hooked already!), and now I’m always on the lookout for spooky sights and sounds that might precede a close encounter!

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