Friday Round-Up

Happy Friday everyone, even happier because DASH is tomorrow!  I could not be more excited.  Here is a round-up post, now excuse me while I get all my affairs in order for tomorrow!  Check back in on Monday (hopefully) for my write-up of the event.

Here are a few articles and pages I’ve been reading to prepare for my first DASH:

  • The MIT Mystery Hunt Resources for Beginners Page – Has links to several tips/advice articles, as well as a “Have you tried..” PDF for when you get stuck!  I have my own one of those that I made for Post Hunt, but this one is much more robust!  I’ll definitely be printing that out and bringing it to DASH.
  • Local puzzle hunts, part 1  and part 2 at The Gameshelf – Two great articles that talk about what puzzle hunts are like, the anatomy of a puzzle hunt, what to expect at your first hunt.


Obscura Day Tomorrow
Don’t forget, if you aren’t going to DASH tomorrow, you can still join thousands of others in exploring strange and curious places for Obscura Day!


New Website Features
I’ve added two new features to the site this week:

Spoiler Tag – If you’re writing a comment and want to hide part of it, you can use the spoiler tag to hide it in black.  If you highlight the text with your mouse cursor, you can read it.  Try it now!  [spoiler] Thanks for the good idea Jude!  Also, the answer is PIZZA!!  [/spoiler]

Archives Page –  It’s not much to look at, but this new Archives page should function for now.  I’ll try to add in more features down the road.  In addition to being able to browse the posts by month, I’ve also put in a list of the puzzles I’ve designed and posted here over the past few months.


So Many Games!
April has been a big release month for exciting new games.  Here are a few that just came out, and one that was just announced.

P&A 37 – Issue 37 of Puzzles & Answers Magazine is available for purchase (only $5!).  I’ve never done one, but apparently it is a “a bi-monthly ‘puzzle hunt’ magazine”, sort of like a puzzle hunt you can do at home!

Fez – The long-anticipated, brain-melting, perspective-shifting, puzzle platformer indie game Fez was finally released this month.  Check out this gameplay preview to get an idea of what the game is all about.  Currently only available on XBLA.

Botanicula  – From the creators of the extremely charming robot-themed point-and-click adventure game Machinarium comes the even more charming Botanicula, the story of five little botanical creatures trying to save their tree home from parasites.  You can get both games plus extras over at the Humble Botanicula Debut Bundle!

Spirit Camera: The Cursed Memoir – Spirit Camera  (sound warning on that link) is a Nintendo 3DS spin-off of the beloved Fatal Frame horror game series.  It comes with an interactive “notebook” and uses the 3DS camera to bring augmented reality into the game as you search for ghosts in your surrounding environment.

RESET – This one was just announced yesterday (not out yet), making a splash with it’s very beautiful CGI-free trailer.  According to the website, RESET will be a “single player co-op first person puzzle game with a strong emphasis on story and atmosphere” where you can “travel back in time to solve puzzles co-operatively, with yourself.”


May is almost here, and with it more beautiful weather and exciting events!

May 5th – Richmond, VA – The Five Game
Presented by Ravenchase Adventures.  Come celebrate Cinco De Mayo by doing something entirely unique. 5 times the fun of the Amazing Race, 5 times the brilliance of Da Vinci Code and 5 times the fun of Goonies, the 5 game will explore the magical number 5 and send you on a wild chase through the streets of Richmond. Chase after Freemasons and decipher mystic runes as you unlock the secrets of the pentagram. $25 per player.

May 12th – Boston, MA – The Hub Crawl
The Hub Crawl is a game involving an afternoon out, digital photography, puzzlesolving, teamwork and finding out how well you know your way around Boston. It’s a race against the clock sort of event where the hub’s reputation for being a walkable town is truly tested. What’s more, it’s a great opportunity to spend some time with friends, exploring, taking pictures and having yourself a little adventure.  $30 per team.

May 26-27  – Winchester, VA to Old Town Alexandria – The 8th Annual Great Virginia Race
Presented by Ravenchase Adventures.  Game on! It’s the Golden Gnome’s 8th birthday and we’re puttin’ on one helluva hootnanny! Ravenchase is once again proud to present its most time-honored, brilliant, crazy and fun adventure race. This challenging, two-day event begins in Winchester, Virginia and will move teams through Virginia and areas unknown and eventually end at a secret location in Old Town Alexandria. If you are ready for the adventure of a lifetime, we have what you have been looking for!

June 3rd – Washington, D.C. – Washington Post Hunt
Our day of quirky, clever brainteasers with Dave Barry, Gene Weingarten and Tom Shroder returns for a fifth year.  To win the annual Post Hunt, participants must solve a series of brainteasers set up across downtown Washington.

June 9th  – Richmond, VA – Lost and Found at the Library of Virginia
Presented by Ravenchase Adventures.  The Library of Virginia and its environs are the setting for an adventure that pits your wits against a devious series of cunning clues, crafty codes, and ingenious puzzles. Based on the Library’s newest exhibition, Lost and Found, teams of up to six embark on a quest that has been described as a combination of Amazing Race and National Treasure. Put on your sneakers, thinking caps, and imaginative team uniforms and get lost, if only for a couple of hours, in the colorful culture of Richmond’s past.  $25 per player.


See you Monday!  Good luck to everyone DASHing this weekend, and watch out for Team Clavis Cryptica! =D