Friday Round-Up

Happy Friday everyone!  There’s a lot going on and coming up, so here is a round-up post!

Real Escape Game SF Vol. 2
After a very successful U.S. debut, Real Escape Game is back with San Francisco Volume 2, The Crazy Last Will of Dr. Mad!  (BTW, they consistently have the BEST posters for these things.  They’ve got a top-notch designer!  If they aren’t already, they ought to be selling commemorative posters at the events.  I would hang one on my wall, just look at that thing!) Games are scheduled for July 5, 6, 7, and 8 (Thurs-Sun).  The venue this time is the Fort Mason Center, a significantly larger venue than the previous New People gallery. REG is likely anticipating and accommodating a much larger turnout than Volume 1, and may also be responding to player critiques that the “escape” aspect of the first game was not very strong.  It should be an exciting weekend!  Early bird tickets are available now for just $20.

The Secret World Open Beta
The Secret World beta weekends are in full swing, with Kingsmouth Calling Part Two starting at noon today.  If you’d like access to the beta weekends, you can pre-order the game (which also gets you a few extra perks), and I believe free beta keys are still available if you register an account at GameSpot.  There may be other ways to get a key, but I’m not aware of them.  Official release is just one month away on June 19th!


WarTron Applications Open This Sunday
Team Snout is producing a Portland Game this August called WarTron, and applications open up this Sunday at noon PST.  The application will be a fun process that involves completing online tasks and solving puzzles, and should take about 3 hours.  Good luck to all the applicants!


Early Summer Events
Can you believe May is already half over?  That means summertime events are coming up!  Mid-June through the end of July are pretty barren though, anybody know of anything going on along the East Coast?

June 3 – Washington D.C. – Post Hunt
Holy crap, Post Hunt is in two weeks!  Has it really been a whole year already?  I’m stoked!  Should be a great time!  Here is an article with a funny picture from last year.

“Our day of quirky, clever brainteasers with Dave Barry, Gene Weingarten and Tom Shroder returns for a fifth year. Join us for the 2012 Post Hunt on Sunday, June 3 at 12 p.m. ET in downtown Washington.” (It’s FREE!  Everyone should go!)

May 26-27 – Various cities across VA – The 8th Annual Great Virginia Race
Game on! It’s the Golden Gnome’s 8th birthday and we’re puttin’ on one helluva hootnanny! Ravenchase is once again proud to present its most time-honored, brilliant, crazy and fun adventure race. This challenging, two-day event begins in Winchester, Virginia and will move teams through Virginia and areas unknown and eventually end at a secret location in Old Town Alexandria. If you are ready for the adventure of a lifetime, we have what you have been looking for!

June 9 – Richmond, VA Lost & Found at the Library of Virginia
The Library of Virginia and its environs are the setting for an adventure that pits your wits against a devious series of cunning clues, crafty codes, and ingenious puzzles. Based on the Library’s newest exhibition, Lost and Found, teams of up to six embark on a quest that has been described as a combination of Amazing Race and National Treasure. Put on your sneakers, thinking caps, and imaginative team uniforms and get lost, if only for a couple of hours, in the colorful culture of Richmond’s past.

So… who all will be at Post Hunt this year? =)

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