Puzzle and Adventure Games from E3 2012

E3 just wrapped up, here is a brief look at some of this year’s featured games that fall into the puzzle and adventure categories.


Papo & Yo
A fantasy adventure/3D puzzle platformer about a young boy and his three unusual friends.  Gameplay involves exploring a beautifully designed urban landscape and solving puzzles.  Looks gorgeous and looks to be a very thoughtful game as well.  Sometime this year.


Beyond: Two Souls
New work by the creators of the psychological “interactive drama” Heavy Rain.  Expecting the same choose-your-own-adventure style storyline and subtle puzzling.  Gorgeous, if nothing else.  Early 2013.

Quantum Conundrum
Fun and light-hearted 3D puzzle platformer by former Portal lead designer Kim Swift.  Expect a Q2/Q3 release this year.


The Secret World
Modern-day MMORPG with a side of puzzles and mystery-solving, which I’ve written about here and here.  Coming out July 3.


The Cave
Platform-adventure by DoubleFine, lead by Ron Gilbert.  Partially inspired by his 1987 point-and-click classic, Maniac Mansion.  Early 2013.


The Testament of Sherlock Holmes
An open-world adventure game where players must find clues and track down leads to solve the mystery.  September 2012.


American Mensa Academy
A brain-training game developed in direct collaboration with Mensa.  Next month.


Smart As
Another brain-training game that has some interesting 3D/spatial puzzle challenges.  Playstation Vita only.


Augmented reality PS Vita game where you use real cards to solve laser beam-based puzzles.


A comedic adventure game that feels straight out of 1994.  Seems to already be out in Germany and is seeing a US release soon.


Not much info about this one yet, just that it’s a puzzle game for Kinect, apparently made by Pirates of the Caribbean director Gore Verbinski.  2013.


Of course, you all know I’m pumped up for The Secret World, but next on my list are probably Papo & Yo, which seems to have that charming Ico quality about it, Beyond: Two Souls, and Quantum Conundrum.  Anything look exciting to you?