The Great America Race 2012

The West Coast might have its Games and BANGs and BATHs and Decathlons, but the East Coast is throwing down the gauntlet with its very own week-long game — the Great America Race 2012 by Ravenchase Adventures!  The Race starts on Saturday, August 11th and runs through Friday, August 17th and will send players through 6 East Coast cities, starting in Washington D.C. and ending in Boston, MA.

The Great America Race is unique in that players can join in on any leg of the race.  If you can’t commit to playing the whole week, you can just drop in for a day or two.  Registration begins at 10:00am each day, with the race stating at 11:00am and ending each night at a pub.  Compared to stories I’ve heard about weekend Games, it sounds like the Great America Race will have a more relaxed pace that actually allows for adequate sleep and relaxation (which is about the only way a team could last the whole week, I imagine!).

Registration sales are being done through Kickstarter to make sure there is enough interest to run the event.  One day passes start at $50, while $300 gets you the full week and $1000 covers an entire team of 4 for the whole week (though you can have a team of up to 8 players for additional registration fees).  There are also some fun perks included in the pledge levels, such as T-shirts, cipher wheels, bags, and a DVD of the race highlights!

So start clearing your calendar, gather your teammates, and get ready to join a race of epic proportions!  Check out the Kickstarter page for registration info, and the event page for specific leg info.  So… who’s planning on going?  =)

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  • tabstop

    Looks like they’re looking for 300 people-days (ie 300 people for 1 day or 50 people for 6 days or some combination). Be interesting to see whether they make it, as they are currently on zero as I write.

    Going for one day seems a little eh, to me; it might make a little sense for the first day, but a random day in the middle? Would each day be completely independent? Makes the week-long chase seem not really there, if it’s just seven individual events bolted together with a lot of driving in between.

    Verdict: not sure I’d go, even if I knew that I was going to be in this same physical location in the middle of August.

    • clavicarius (author)

      It’s interesting, Kickstarter definitely seems like a great platform for making it happen, but the nature of the purchase (pass for an event where you need to block out certain days of your schedule and commit) might make the backers come in at an unusual rate!

      I’m pretty sure each day is fairly independent, and I’ll see what I can find out about it being a cohesive experience for the week-long players.

  • Rich

    My team played in and won the first and only GAR to date in 2007 and we had a blast. That year it started in DC and went all the way to New Orleans. There were admittedly some issues with puzzle quality and game structure, and the drives were pretty long, but I’ve been told they’ve addressed a lot of the issues that they had in the first run. For one, the distances between cities seems far more manageable, and for another, Ravenchase has another 5 years of hunt-running experience under their belt.

    So… I’m planning to come out from the West Coast to play in this again (with a newly formed team). Looking forward to it, and hope to see some of you East Coasters out there!

    • clavicarius (author)

      I read some of the accounts from the 2007 race and heard about Team Bloodshot a lot. Welcome! Glad to hear you’re planning on coming out this year! =)

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