Friday Round-up

Happy Friday everyone!  It’s certainly going to be a hot one (104 here in Richmond!).  Stay cool! 😉


Great America Race
Don’t forget that if you want to play in the Great America Race in August (hello, just a month and a half away!), you should hurry up and get yourself registered via Kickstarter!  Discounts and perks await you!  Get your team together and start making plans!


Jefferson’s Lost Invention
Be a part of my puzzle hunt debut on Saturday, July 21 as I run Jefferson’s Lost Invention in beautiful Charlottesville, VA.  I’m going to do my best!


Real Escape Game San Francisco Vol. 2
West-coasters get another dose of Real Escape Game next weekend, this time it’s bigger and better!   Can’t wait to hear how it goes.  (They’re also giving away T-shirts of that sweet poster design on Facebook!)


The Secret World
Awww yeah, it’s finally here!  The Secret World comes out on Tuesday, July 3rd!  Pre-order gets you early access starting TODAY!  It’s too hot to go outside, stay inside and play games instead!  I got to play a ton of the beta and had a great time, even though it was my first MMORPG ever.  Really looking forward to getting started for real!  Let me know if any of you are playing and we can meet up in-game and knock out some poltergeists and such together =)


Bad Machinery
My latest obsession is this hilarious and adorable comic about mystery-solving tweens called Bad Machinery.  The comic is less about mysterious mysteries and more about funny, charming characters with awesome hair and crazy faces, but I think you’ll all enjoy it!  Start at the beginning for maximum results.


Summertime Events
Ravenchase has got the East Coast covered over the next couple of months, take your pick of these great events!

Every Wednesday through September 5th – Outer Banks, NC – Outer Banks Pirate Quest
This Outer Banks Adventure will take you to some of the historic sights and local hangouts in Kill Devil Hills and Nags Head. The event comes complete with a hand made pirate map, a trove of clues, and a bag of tricks and gadgets you’ll use to find your way. Use your wit and navigational skills while competing against other teams for fabulously tacky prizes, glory, and bragging rights. The event lasts approximately three hours and costs $25.00 per person (there is no charge for children under age 12.) This event is not for the passive individual! You will be doing a bit of hiking and treking, so dress for the weather, bring water, and wear sunscreen!!

July 21 – Charlottesville, VA – Jefferson’s Lost Invention
Thomas Jefferson is best remembered as America’s third President, but he was also quite the inventor. Jefferson developed many clever gadgets in his lifetime, but one of his inventions was lost to the ages somewhere in Charlottesville! Follow Jefferson’s notes and be the first team to discover Jefferson’s lost invention. Uncover clues, crack codes, and use clever gadgets as you explore the historic Downtown Mall and surrounding area in this exciting treasure hunt.

July 21 – Alexandria, VA – Race Till Midnight
Part Amazing Race, Part DaVinci Code, Part Goonies and Awesome all rolled into one create the Race Till Midnight. Armed with nothing more than UV lights, teams will race through the night, revealing glowing codes, ciphers and riddles in this one of a kind ground breaking adventure. Each clue will ultimately reveal the next hint, and your team to the hidden treasure. Gather your team, slap on some spandex and get in the game. Reality TV is for the weak. Adventure is for the awesome.

August 10August 17 – multiple Northeastern cities – The Great America Race
Eight days in seven states filled with brilliant clues, adversaries, codes, ciphers, actors planted around every corner and an adventure you can tell your grandkids about. You can sign up for a single leg of the race or all of them! The choice is yours. Just make sure you don’t miss the most brain-twisting, heart-pumping, flawless game ever designed.