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Now there’s a baffling title!  Real Escape Game is going back to its roots, creating its own online escape game, called REGAME, to be playable in a one-time-only live online event (though it looks like a volume 2 is planned for winter).  The game will be haunted house-themed and will only be open to players for one hour after the starting time at 9:00am EDT on Tuesday, July 24th.  Entry into the game is $5, and players can play the game through their PC web browser or via iPhone.

A free trial version of the game lets you check out the concept and test your system’s specs in advance.  The trial version gives you 15 minutes to escape a small room (I made it out in just under 6).  The trial was cute and enjoyable enough, but honestly, it didn’t really make me want to play another hour’s worth of online escape game.  While the main puzzle was a bit more clever than many escape games, I found myself pixel-hunting as with every point-and-click escape game.  I can only imagine this problem being exacerbated if I feel like I’m racing against players around the world.

I did like the dollhouse style of the room, and the extra frames in the transition between views were a really nice touch.  As I’ve come to expect with Real Escape Game, everything looks super polished, well-designed, and on-theme.  Ultimately, however, the gameplay just inspires the same feeling Kato must have had when he decided to make Real Escape Game in the first place — I’d rather play this in real life.

The one big draw for REGAME is the live event.  I’m not even sure if there will be any way to interact with other players besides maybe a leaderboard at the end, but the idea of playing at the same time as many others around the world is still somehow appealing.  The exclusivity of a one-time-only game is tempting as well.  Really, at $5 per ticket it’s not hard to find a good enough reason to play, even if it’s just to indulge your curiosity.  I’d also say that the promise of the higher-quality puzzles SCRAP produces is probably worth a puzzle-lover’s attention, as long as you don’t mind the format.

I haven’t decided if I’m going to play or not.  Perhaps I should, just in the name of investigative journalism!  I’m sure it will be perfectly enjoyable, I think it’s just that everything seems a little paler when compared to the thought of a real Real Escape Game.

(By the way, did anyone go to the Dr. Mad event?  I’d love to hear what the bigger venue was like!)

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  • tabstop

    I had heard some rumor to that effect….

    • tabstop

      Well, shoot. I played, but didn’t get out. I found [spoiler]the two countries, and made the Japan clue, but couldn’t turn that into a rule for turning the other countries into numbers. Well, I take that back: I found *lots* of rules, just not the one they wanted.[/spoiler] Maybe I’ll try again in a bit.

      • clavicarius (author)

        It’s probably not the kind of puzzle you’re expecting it to be.

        • tabstop

          Ah I see. I did try to look something up, but I used [spoiler]1981[/spoiler] on the assumption that … well, you can guess what the assumption was.

      • Jason

        Google helped. I couldn’t have gotten the necessary info without looking up some reference material. I expected the game to be completely self-contained, but that was an incorrect assumption. Getting past that, I made it out.

        • clavicarius (author)

          As much as I love puzzles that require you to do some research/reference work, it does seem a little strange within the context of the game, doesn’t it?

          • Jason

            Exactly. It’s hard to imagine being stuck in a haunted house and having to look that up to get out. Maybe if there were a dusty old book on the shelf that had the necessary info, it would fit. As it is, though, it’s kind of odd.

            • clavicarius (author)

              Maybe you have a smartphone, like in The Secret World =) But then I suppose you would just call the police..

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