My Top 5 Favorite Secret World Moments (So Far)

It’s almost been a month since The Secret World was released, and I’ve been enjoying it immensely!  I’ve been trying to take my time and enjoy the scenery a little more than I did during the beta, and I thought I would share some of my favorite moments in the game so far.  It’s a spooky game with a lot of little surprises and details.  Enjoy!


#1 – Chatting with Deputy Andy (and other likable NPCs)

Every action, investigation, and sabotage mission you pick up comes with a cut-scene featuring the NPC who is giving you that mission.  It was really tempting to just skip these at first and get straight to the action, but now I’ve learned to love these little slices of life with the characters, showing how they’re dealing with their suddenly post-apocalyptic world.  (In fact, the cut-scenes usually only vaguely reference whatever mission you’re picking up, and are mostly pure flavor, so I never feel like they’re just telling me things I already know from reading the mission description.).  Deputy Andy, a nervous good-guy cop with a thick New England accent, was the first to win me over.  You can find him on the roof of the police HQ in Kingsmouth.  He seems to leave an impression on every player he meets.  There’s just something about the combination of his unassuming demeanor and his unsettling gaze…  Or maybe it’s his strangely nonchalant and vague references to Kingsmouth’s and his own dark histories.  The video description says it best: if other people have issues, Andy has a whole comic store.



#2 – Spooky Sights

Since this is a spooky game with a certain element of mystery, even the most benign discoveries can seem thrilling at first.  You might wonder about the fate of that corpse hanging from a tree, find mysterious writing on the wall, or just see something strange that makes you feel uneasy.

Okay, so maybe this discovery isn't exactly "benign"


When I first crossed by the Ash Forest in Blue Mountain, not yet familiar with the map or the local lore, I saw something weird.  It looked like big, white, billowy ghosts hanging high up in the trees.


Eventually, I had a mission that took me down into those woods and discovered that they weren’t ghosts, just supply drop parachutes for a small military squad stationed nearby.  I love the way this game lets your imagination run away with you!


#3 – Spooky Sounds

There is a slider in the audio settings for “radio” music.  As you can imagine, this applies to audio tracks like the music playing over the speakers in a store, or a small radio in someone’s house.  But since this is The Secret World, it also includes strange noises, songs, and chanting coming from various and sundry houses and buildings in the game.

My first encounter with this spooky radio music was at the Kindergarten in Savage Coast, where John Wolf likes to hang out.  You can’t go inside the Kindergarten, but you can sit outside and be creeped right out by this strange voice:



Those sounds bothered me every time I went to see Mr. Wolf.  They were pretty much the spookiest thing I had encountered in the game.  Then I discovered an abandoned shack on a cliff up near the lighthouse…

..where I was greeted by these lovely sounds:



Again, I can’t go inside the house, and there is no sign of life anywhere nearby, so why does it sound like the TV is on and a poltergeist is practicing piano?  Oh right, to give me nightmares.


#4 – The Little Things 

This is another case of my imagination running away with me.  I knew I was supposed to go find someone to talk to in the Franklin Mansion.

Oh look, they put my dream house in the game


As I approached, I saw the NPC name “Wilmouth” appear on the second story.  A-ha, that must be him!

I headed upstairs for a chat, but soon found that wouldn’t be possible.

Wilmouth was a cat.  In fact, the whole house was full of cats with people names.  I don’t know why, but this was a memorable moment for me.


#5 – Important Phonecalls

Every now and then, my character will get a phonecall from one of the Templar higher-ups.  Usually it’s to tell me I’ve moved up a rank in the society, or asking me if I want to go on a mission out-of-town (well, not so much asking as ordering).  I’m not sure why, but I love it every time I hear that phone buzz.  It’s just another reminder that I’m playing a modern game set in the modern world and it also fulfills that sort of secret agent fantasy where I’m getting important phonecalls about dangerous missions and such.


I can’t wait to encounter more strange people and places in this game!  And if any of you readers out there are playing, come find me!  I’m Clavicarius, a Templar on Grim.  Haven’t had a ton of time to play, so I’m still finishing up Savage Coast.  Working on the Paladin deck with dual pistols and blade.  =)