Mystery Location Puzzle

A new experiment today, channeling all the research-style visual puzzles I “grew up” with on The Stone.  Can you figure out the mystery location referenced in this image?  (Friends who know me, no cheating!)  Leave your answer in spoiler tags in the comments.  Good luck!

12 comments on Mystery Location Puzzle

  • tabstop

    Either [spoiler]I suck at decomposing kanji or only the first one is a regular word. Not sure yet which way it is[/spoiler].

    • tabstop

      Now that I’ve posted, [spoiler] I got a couple more[/spoiler], which is always the way.

    • tabstop

      Well, that part’s done: [spoiler]”Peace grow five year” or something like that[/spoiler]. When I get home I’ll have to check my [spoiler]mahjong tiles[/spoiler], as I don’t think my [spoiler]fives look like that (and sadly that was the kanji that took me the longest to work out for some reason)[/spoiler].

      Now to try to work out the rest….

      • clavicarius (author)

        One half is more right than the other.. But a direct translation of each element might not get you very far.

        That being said, I believe the puzzle is solvable without that translation.

  • Steve

    Is it the [spoiler]Ushiku Daibutsu statue[/spoiler]?

    • clavicarius (author)

      Correct! I visited once =) Thanks for solving!

  • tabstop

    So: if you subscribe to a thread that has spoiler tags in it, well, you get that message anyway. Duh. There’s a lesson for us all here, I’m sure.

    Still, I’ll do some research and see how it all connects up anyway.

    • clavicarius (author)

      Ack! That’s a problem I’m not sure how to solve =( Sorry about that!

    • tabstop

      I’m pretty sure the solution is “don’t subscribe to threads until you solve the thing”.

      • clavicarius (author)

        I’ll try to stick more to the password-protected answer page format from now on!

  • Larry Hosken

    > Can you figure out the mystery location referenced in this image?


    • clavicarius (author)

      =) This will be my new default response to every math puzzle ever.

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