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So I’ve become a huge fan of the United States women’s national soccer team (USWNT) since watching the Women’s World Cup last year.  They’re an amazing, tenacious team and so entertaining to watch!  You might have heard about some of their heart-stoppingly dramatic games in the Women’s World Cup, or maybe their recent comeback from two down to beat France 4-2 in the Olympics group round.  Out of the four summer games in which women’s soccer has been an Olympic event (just four, what took the world so long?), USWNT has taken home three golds and one silver, and they’re favored for the gold again this year.

All of the quarterfinal matches are today, and the US will be playing New Zealand at 9:30am EST.  (Though the big game-to-watch will be World Cup winners Japan vs Brazil at noon).  Do try to check out a USWNT game before the Olympics are over, you won’t regret it!

Today is one of those days where I can only muster up a blog post if it’s related to the topic buzzing loudly in my brain, so get to know the US Women’s National Team with this little puzzle.  There is a bit of a tricky step, but there is a hint on the puzzle image.  When you’ve solved it, enter your answer as the password to this webpage to confirm.  Be sure to condense your password to five characters.  Good luck!  (Bonus points if you can name my favorite player, use the comments below to guess).




2 comments on USWNT Puzzle

  • tabstop

    Have people got it and just not posted in the other thread? I’ve got [spoiler]names[/spoiler] and [spoiler]uniform numbers[/spoiler] and [spoiler]rough positions[/spoiler], although I don’t know that the middle one will help. They don’t quite all fit together, though.

    • clavicarius (author)

      No solves yet, I think I need to include more guidance.. You’ve got everything you need (plus one extraneous item, and it’s not the one you think). There are four basic positions, one of them inspired the mechanism for this puzzle.

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