WarTron Coming to Boston

On Monday, I was all excited to read everyone’s write-ups about last weekend’s WarTron Game in Portland.  Today, I’m all excited because apparently a team has asked to re-cast WarTron in Boston next year!  This is big news!  I know I just said Boston is “so far away” in my last post, but for a Game, I would say anywhere that doesn’t require a plane ticket is practically in my backyard!

So far, no further details have been released about this potential re-run, but I’ll keep an ear out.  Does anyone know the last time a Game was run on the East coast?  (Or anywhere outside the West coast?)  I’ve only been following this stuff for about a year, but I’ve only heard of West coast Games, so this is pretty exciting!

So now that a 2013 Game is becoming more of a reality for me, tell me, Game veterans, what advice do you have for assembling a team?  I only know a few people who even know what the Game is.  I have a handful of friends who have DASHed and BANGed and Post Hunted with me that might be interested and who I think could do a good job.  Is an all-rookie team a recipe for disaster?  Should I try and join up with a more experienced team?  Should I start a puzzle training regimen??  Test-drive rental vans???  Aaahh!

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  • Steve

    Everyone’s got a first time. Don’t worry too much about being noobs. One bit of advice about this Game specifically: In a serial puzzle event you don’t want to get stuck too long on any one puzzle. But compared to the other two Games I’ve done, I really missed an automated (or at least predefined) timed hints. This one they had more of a “pull” philosophy about hints. So make sure to ask for help/hints when you get stuck for more than a few (15-30) minutes. (Of course with months or a year to prepare, it’s possible that the Boston GC will change things and do the hinting differently.)

  • Dan

    NIT2K, in 1999, was a “Microsoft” Game held in the NYC area. That’s the only overnight van Game I’m aware of that was the East Coast.

    With friends who have done DASH/BANG/etc., enjoyed the experience, and could plausibly stay up all night together without biting each other’s heads off, you’ll be just fine. GC will hint you as needed. And you’re not going to be the only all-rookie team!

  • David

    There were a couple of other full-scale Games run in recent history on the East Coast: the Boston Game (2003) and SINS in the New York City area (2001).

    Also, a game called Midnight Madness has been happening in Hot Springs, Arkansas on a regular basis for about ten years.

  • Larry Hosken

    “Is an all-rookie team a recipe for disaster?”

    Nah, playing with folks who you don’t want to be stuck with for 24+ hours is a recipe for disaster. Kindness >> skills

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