Sandwich Puzzle

To start off your Monday right, here’s a little puzzle to solve!  I’ve gotta warn you though, it was made at 4:30am after a busy busy busy busy weekend, so solve at your own risk!

When you think you have the answer, go to this page and use it as the password.  Good luck!


**Edited puzzle for clarity.  Thanks as always, tabstop!


7 comments on Sandwich Puzzle

  • tabstop

    All my ideas are being destroyed by [spoiler]parity errors[/spoiler].

    • tabstop

      Power of the post — maybe it was a bit too obvious for me to see. 🙄

  • jarsyl

    I’m feeling awful stupid right now. Hint please?

    • clavicarius (author)

      Sure =)
      Hint #1: [spoiler]Just fill in the blanks.[/spoiler]

      Let me know if you’re farther along than that!

      • Larry Hosken

        Bigger hint, please? I’m not further along than that. I’m still stuck at the beginning.

        • tabstop

          How about [spoiler]Man cannot live on bread alone[/spoiler]?

          • clavicarius (author)

            That’s a good one =)

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