Friday Brain Dump

Some disjointed thoughts for today, still recovering from my crazy week!  Definitely don’t want to make a habit of this, but I’ve been struggling for the past two hours to come up with a puzzle or topic and I am just burnt right out!

Been dreaming about puzzle hunts for two nights in a row.  Last night was about being on a team, not doing well.  We didn’t have a good game plan and I wasn’t doing my part very well.  Kind of a sad dream I guess, but mostly just made me want to be on a team and play a hunt and do my best!

Speaking of, is anyone going to BAPHL next weekend?  As much as I want to go (been writing too many puzzles lately, would love to actually solve some), I think I’m about to make the call that we’re not going because we’re too lazy to drive 10 hours!  I don’t know, I’m still kind of on the fence!  Somebody convince me one way or the other!  Is it my last chance at a puzzle hunt before 2013?

Going to look into a couple of book recommendations, The Restoration Game recommended by Larry and Daemon recommended by Josh.  Both have to do with game designers, Daemon sounds like it has kind of a Ready Player One vibe.  Maybe if I start reading more books, I’ll get better at blogging!  =)  Anybody out there reading anything good?

The one thing I am reading:  Bad Machinery, finally back after summer hiatus.  I sure do love these kids.

Other news, our Ludum Dare game jam entry has a brand new web version, so you can play online instead of downloading the installer and all that mess.  Good job teammates!  Go check it out if you get a chance.  Apparently the controls are “‘learning to play the piano’ hard,” but isn’t throwing your limbs at rogue robots worth a little work?

Blah, what a silly post!  Thanks for putting up with me. <3

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  • Robotguy

    Daemon is quite a bit darker and grittier than Ready Player one, but I’d also recommend it completely. It starts out completely plausible, and get consistently more speculative, all the while remaining completely logical and internally consistent.

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