Friday Round-up

Friday is here!  Looks like there are a lot of fun games and things to do at home if you’re bored this weekend =)


Want to take a moment to apologize for my lack of feedback in the comments section lately.  My workload has increased recently, and I’m still adjusting, but comments are something I don’t want to let go by the wayside.  I’ll be addressing the backlog this weekend and putting some personal policies in place to reply promptly.  And a huge thanks to everyone who ever comments, I always love reading your insights on the topic at hand!


Puzzles & Answers Magazine – Issue 40
This comes out tomorrow morning!  Someday, I’m going to get some friends together and do one of these. So many puzzles, so little time…


The Ship:  Murder Party on Sale Now
So there’s this game called The Ship: Murder Party that came out for PC in 2006.  It’s basically like a video game version of of Assassins (each player is assigned a target, and each player is being targeted by someone else) that you play online with your friends, and it’s set on a luxurious cruise ship.  The online community is apparently not very strong, but it’s supposed to be fun with a group of friends.  This weekend, it’s on sale for just $5 through the developer’s website!  I might just have to get a copy (or three).  Let me know if you want to play together!


Real Escape Game Presents Marcus and the Mystery of the Haunted Mansion
REG just released a new mobile game, which is an interesting thing for them to do (though apparently this is Volume 2?  Volume 1 appears to only be available in Japanese).  They seem to keep developing projects that move away from the “Real” and back into the virtual.  This game does have an interesting twist that brings it back around into “real” territory–the game occurs in real-time over 7 days.  The in-game time correlates to your real world time (so it’s nighttime in the game when it’s really nighttime) and requires you to complete certain actions at “precise times” in the real world.  I like this idea, it’s ambitious.  I can’t decide if it is in line with or directly counter to the typical goals of development for mobile devices (quick and easy, keep players coming back, etc.).  On the one hand, it keeps players kind of tethered to their device as they have to check in at certain intervals.  On the other hand, it’s not clear whether the game has any replay value after the 7 days are up (and actually, it seems a little bit implied that maybe you can’t replay the game after the 7 days are up?  Maybe they’re just saying it will be spoiled for you by then so you really only get one shot.)  The disclaimer about not everyone being able to solve the game is so gutsy, I love it.  To me, it says they made a product the way they wanted to make it and aren’t just trying to sell as many copies as possible by making a super casual, accessible game.  Anyway, for $2 it’s probably worth checking out!  It’s available for iOS and Android devices.


Ravenchase Seeking Sales/Game Host in D.C.
If you know of anyone looking for some fun and interesting part-time work in D.C., please direct them to this listing.  Ravenchase is working on a new project in Union Station and needs staff!


Ravenchase Events
Still a bunch of events coming up as well:

Saturday, October 13 – Washington D.C. – Pubs & Puzzles Treasure Hunt
Ravenchase is proud to introduce its newest competition, combining two of life’s greatest pastimes and pleasures, thinking and drinking (= thrinking). This adventure will feature mind bending puzzles, local pubs, and fabulously tacky prizes. Teams will compete to score the most points in the allotted amount of time by solving as many puzzles and clues as possible while traveling by foot from pub to pub. So round up the highest functioning drinkers you know, find your Dr. Johnny Fever, form your team and get ready to hurt your brain! Costumed teams will be granted additional bonus points per game. Spaces are limited – sign up today!

Saturday, October 27 – Washington D.C. – Book of Cursed Souls Halloween Adventure Race
Can you survive a night of true horror? For one night, the spirit world will open and ghostly apparitions will seek vengeance for their untimely deaths. Solve the clues they left behind and lay their spirits to rest, or be forced to relive their nightmarish fate! This Halloween adventure race combines action, intellect, and creepy fun for an unforgettable experience. Prizes for the top three teams and best costumes!

Sunday, November 4 – Richmond, VA – 1st Annual Dash For Cash RVA
The holidays are coming
And the weather’s turning cold
What better time to help out others
While chasing for the gold!

Thousands in cash are the prizes
For the swiftest of the brains
Dash for Cash RVA waits for you
To bring your team’s A game

For all of the fun of playing and winning
The goal of this is quite frank
To fill the shelves to overflowing
At the Central Virginia Food Bank

Saturday, November 17 – Washington D.C. – The Great DC Treasure Hunt
Explore our nation’s capital with an adventure that pits your wits against a devious series of cunning clues, crafty codes, and ingenious puzzles. You and your teammates will embark on a quest that has been described as a combination of Amazing Race and National Treasure. Race against the clock and other teams in pursuit of fame, glory, and fabulously tacky prizes!


That’s all for now, have a great weekend!

9 comments on Friday Round-up

  • Steve

    Technically you don’t need a group to do a P&A… Roughly half the top 10 solves are individuals. Scary (good) individuals!

    • clavicarius (author)

      True, but if it’s suitable for teams I would want to take advantage of that since we kind of have a lack of live team-based puzzle hunts around here. Been wanting to get my team back together and use what we learned from Dash! (Post Hunt doesn’t count.)

      • Steve

        Oh definitely. I have done a few solo and it took months (or even years). There’s plenty for a team of half a dozen normal humans to work on for a day. I agree, you should do it 🙂

        • clavicarius (author)

          My birthday is coming up, maybe I’ll force all my friends to play all these group games with me, haha (P&A, The Ship, Artemis Space Bridge Simulator…)

  • Tyler

    I really don’t like the idea for the REG game app for the same reason I stopped liking Tamagotchi. I want to play when I want to play.

    • clavicarius (author)

      At least it’s only a week! I think it appeals to the Urgency/Presence thing I’m always talking about, but I’d probably have to play it to see if that element was actually compelling and not just annoying/inconvenient.

      It’s probably great for someone like me who has a lot of trouble making time for things like games/books/movies/TV. I never want to play bad enough to set aside the time, so it helps me if the game has some kind of expiration date or other reason that I need to play sooner rather than later. (“Being a good game” should be enough of a reason, but it never is for me, and my to-play list grows.)

  • tabstop

    And the Black Letter Labs are closing down for the year this weekend too, as I understand it; so you may want to type those answers into an e-mail and send ’em in.

    (Still not sure whether the PDF o’ answers is going to be free or paid.)

  • Patrick Walker

    I’m glad that you enjoyed our app! To answer your question, once you finish the seven days (whether you failed or completed the game), you’re able to restart from Day 1 and play the entire game over again.

    To respond to Tyler, I understand that the seven day limit may seem restrictive. However, if a situation comes up that stops you from being able to complete all seven consecutive days, you can simply try again. The puzzles and clues aren’t randomized, so once you’ve completed/obtained them you’ll know how to on future play-throughs.

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