A Study

I’m just going to leave these here.  I’m not saying a video is everything.  I’m not saying the Scare video is perfect.  But in this case, I think the videos accurately represent the kind of experience the designers are hoping to (and eventually do/did) deliver.  If anyone wants to discuss further in the comments, my Media Studies major would be happy to oblige.

The Warehouse: Project 4.1 Trailer:



Scare for a Cure 2012 Trailer:

4 comments on A Study

  • Jason

    I do love the Scare for a Cure trailer. It looks like an indie horror movie. And I want to see it. I’ve definitely got to make it to Austin some year to check it out. (Would love to go this year, but it’s a really packed month already.) On the plus side, Austin is only about 4-5 hours away.

    • clavicarius (author)

      Agreed! That video makes me feel like whatever it’s all about, I want to check it out. The Warehouse one on the other hand… made me kind of not want to go even though I had already bought tickets!

      Ahh, you really need to go. If I had the funds I would make a pilgrimage every year! And then while I was there I’d do Richard Garriott’s geocache!

  • Jason

    Wow, that’s awesome. We will definitely have to do that geocache on next year’s DASH trip.

    • clavicarius (author)

      Looks like it was placed about 5 months before we moved away from Austin, and didn’t find out about it until just a few months ago!

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