Games and Such

Traveling today, but here are a few games and links and things I’ve been gathering up.


Great American History Puzzle – a Smithsonian Magazine puzzle designed by Ken Jennings
The Great American History Puzzle is “a multi-step, cryptographic history puzzle” that explores different codes and ciphers used throughout American history.  It’s designed by famous  Jeapordy champion Ken Jennings and has a grand prize that includes a trip to D.C. and a special Smithsonian tour.  Sounds interesting!


The Room – a mystery/puzzle game for iOS devices
The Room describes itself as “a physical puzzler, wrapped in a mystery game, inside a beautifully tactile 3D world.”  Haven’t played it myself, but it looks beautiful and has nice reviews.


Skeleton Creek – a transmedia story told through books and video
The New York Times calls Skeleton Creek “One part ‘X-Files,’ one part ‘Blair Witch Project’,” which sounds pretty great.  Maybe a bit youth-oriented?  Recommended by a friend, but only the first two books.


Run For Your Lives – a zombie infested 5k obstacle course race
One event I’ve failed to mention lately is zombie 5k/obstacle course Run For Your Lives, which will have runs in Baltimore on October 27 and 28.  Saturday is full, but there is still a bit of space left for Sunday.  Also running in Orlando on November 17 (“east coast” goes all the way down!).


That’s all for today!