Friday Round-up

Apologies for my absence on Wednesday, sick day unfortunately.  But I’m feeling much better now, and there is much to talk about!  Like events!  And Halloween!  And Mystery Hunts!


Book of Cursed Souls Halloween Adventure Race
The raffle is over, and the winner of the 4 free passes is Snooze, my good friend and the creator of Krazy Kitchen!  Congrats!  For the rest of you, there is still time to register for the event and solve my spooky puzzles next Saturday.  I hope to see you there!  More info and registration here.


Laser Quest 20th Birthday Blast
Tomorrow, the Laser Quest franchise is celebrating 20 years with half-priced games all day and a $20 Latenighter at all locations.  It’s a great time to try out laser tag for the first time, or enjoy the latenighter if you’re a vet (reservations are recommended to make sure you get a spot).  Laser Quest has 56 centers across the US and Canada.


Upcoming Fire Hazard Game Nights
For those across the pond, the London-based live/action/urban/whatever game group Fire Hazard has two awesome-sounding events coming up.  On November 2nd, it’s Wink Murder, a night of Victorian Gothic horror including performances, food, and games (the phrase “darkened maze” is being thrown around, and you know how riled up I get).  And on New Year’s Eve, Final Boss will simply be a glorious night of games and pizza.  Welp, guess it’s time to move to London.


New Ravenchase Events
A couple of new events on the calendar:  The Quest for the Golden Grinch, a holiday charity race in D.C. on December 8th and Richmond on the 15th, and the Fifth Annual Quest for Father Time in D.C. on New Year’s Eve.  Click here for more details!


ABC Family’s 13 Nights of Halloween Programming Starts Tonight
Classic, family-friendly, non-horror Halloween movies–they’re a thing!  And I love them.  Programming starts tonight with The Addams Family at 7/6c and Addams Family Values at 9/8c (great Halloween costume potential here!).  The rest of the month includes films like Hocus Pocus, Practical Magic, Matilda, Edward Scissorhands, The Mummy, and some marathon days on the weekends.  Check out the full schedule PDF here.



Real Escape Game San Francisco vol 4
The next Real Escape Game is on the calendar for January 23-27.  This time it’s Escape from the Haunted Ship, and it will actually take place on a historic WWII ship!  Tickets go on sale tomorrow   REG also has a slick new website design.


Clavicarius Joins Team Left Out
And perhaps the biggest news of the day (for me anyway), I have miraculously been invited to join a team for the MIT Mystery Hunt in January!  Aaaah!  Many many thanks to Todd for the invite, I hope you’re prepared to take full responsibility for your actions.