Monday Round-up

Stayed up too late last night trying out Space Alert campaigns and visiting with a friend, low on energy, struggling to remain standing.  Have some round-ups.


Everything About Secret Bookcase Doors
It’s a Tumblr, and it’s exactly what it sounds like.


This is a Kickstarter to package Johann Sebastian Joust and three other competitive, local multiplayer games for PS3 and PC.  Really hoping to get a chance to try out JSJ at MAGFest this year!


Good Reads (?)
People have been posting some articles, and I haven’t had time to read them.  Here are some:


GC Summit 2012
The videos from Game Control Summit 2012 are up.  Someday I will watch all of these.


Sleep No More
Read about this on Design Mom, where she describes it as a sophisticated haunted house.  A spooky, walk-through, interactive theater sort of thing.


Found this a while back but never posted on it.  A site full of short video clips where influential game designers talk briefly about various ideas and topics in games.  Very interesting!  Includes Chris Hecker, Jason Rohrer, Jordan Mechner, Peter Molyneux, and Richard Garriott to name a few.


New P&A Next Saturday
The next issue of Puzzles & Answers Magazine comes out November 24th.  Will this be the one I actually play?


Don’t let the cold weather stop you from enjoying fun events!  (Actually it’s going to be 72 here today… crazy!)  Several things going on between now and the end of the year.

Saturday, November 17 – Washington D.C. – The Great DC Treasure Hunt
Explore our nation’s capital with an adventure that pits your wits against a devious series of cunning clues, crafty codes, and ingenious puzzles. You and your teammates will embark on a quest that has been described as a combination of Amazing Race and National Treasure. Race against the clock and other teams in pursuit of fame, glory, and fabulously tacky prizes!

Saturday, December 1 – Miami, FL – The Herald Hunt 2012
Free, three-phase puzzle hunt run by the Miami Herald.  If you’re familiar with Post Hunt, the Herald Hunt is its big brother.

Saturday, December 8 – Washington D.C. – Quest for the Golden Grinch
Saturday, December 15 – Washington D.C. – Quest for the Golden Grinch

If there’s a wocket in your pocket and a zain in your brain, you may indeed have what it takes to win this golden game. Come join us for this fantastic holiday event around Richmond and Washington, DC. And to ensure your heart doesn’t grow three sizes too small, we ask that you bring an unwrapped toy that we can donate to a deserving kid. Ravenchase staff will meet teams at the beginning of the race with instructions, antiqued treasure maps, clues, and gadgets to use throughout the race. Teams will race to solve as many clues as possible and meet at the end location where fabulously tacky prizes including the ever fabulously wonderful Golden Grinch will be awarded to the top three teams.

Sunday, December 16 – New York, NY – Dimensions: The MoMath Puzzle Hunt
Dimensions: the MoMath Puzzle Hunt asks teams of two or more to solve a series of math-inspired puzzles that will take each team on a walking tour of the museum. Throughout your adventure, you will find creative ways to apply mathematical knowledge and explore hidden dimensions of the Museum of Mathematics that you might have otherwise overlooked.

Monday, December 31 – Washington, D.C. – Quest for Father Time
Looking for unique and fabulous fun this New Year’s Eve? Come join Ravenchase Adventures for the Fifth Annual Quest for Father Time adventure race and after-party! This New Year’s Eve, more than champagne and midnight kisses are at stake if you and your teammates don’t unwind the mystery of Father Time before midnight. Being a bitter old crank, Father Time has planned to stop time altogether, locking us in 2012 forever! In this battle against Time’s shifting sands, only your wit and will can guarantee our sure passage from ’12 to ’13 and your access to the timeless after-party.


The Protomen
This has nothing to do with puzzles or mysteries and barely has anything to do with games, but I’m newly in love with the band THE PROTOMEN who will be performing at MAGFest.  Give them a listen, they are everything.

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  • Dan E.

    _Sleep No More_ (which I just attended) is to a haunted house what the Royal Shakespeare Company is to an elementary school play.

    If you ever find yourself in NYC, do see it (if you haven’t already). Brush up on _Macbeth_ first, though.

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