Puzzle Training Update

Well, the update is that there isn’t much of an update!  I think I’ve solved one puzzle this month, and a few bits and pieces of the Greenville Gazette puzzle.  But it’s a holiday week this week, and I’ll probably have quite a bit of downtime as we travel and spend the week with my husband’s parents, so I think I’m going to print off a bunch of puzzles that can be done without computer/internet access and see if I can knock them out.

So far, in addition to finishing the Greenville Gazette, I think I want to print out Tabstop’s Virginia is for Lovers contest, the P&A Sampler, and maybe the puzzles from DASH 2.  Depending on what our schedule is on the weekend and early next week, I might go ahead and get the new P&A magazine and see if Nick wants to help me work on that.

This is normally the part where I would ask for more recommendations of easy-to-print, non-digital puzzles to work on, but honestly I’ll be impressed if I manage to solve the ones I have on the list already!  But if you know of anything super super fun, I could swap something else out to make room.

Will you be doing anything puzzly over the holidays?

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  • Oliver

    What’s the Greenville Gazette? Did you post about that before and I missed it? Sounds interesting!

    • clavicarius (author)

      It’s a puzzle Todd lent me from an old National Puzzlers’ League convention. It’s a multi-part puzzle all contained within a small newspaper!

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