Mini Round-up

Just a few bits of news.

Real Escape Game is bringing Real Escape Room to San Francisco next month!  This sounds like a more faithful interpretation of the online escape the room games, where you and up to 10 other people are actually trapped inside a normal-looking room and must find the clues to escape.  Starts December 14th in Japantown, I hope someone goes and gives a full report!

Via BoingBoing, the remains of a carrier pigeon from World War II were found recently, and with a coded message attached to the leg!   So far, Britain’s cryptologists are stumped.  You can see a photo of the code at this article.

The puzzle count for The Witness is at 528, oh my.

Did you know there is an NYU Game Center, which is housed at Tisch, and offers a “Game Center MFA” for game designers?  Pretty cool!


That’s all for today!  Time for some leftovers…


2 comments on Mini Round-up

  • Jen

    That carrier pigeon story is crazy and so fascinating! I would’ve been completely freaked out by the DEAD PIGEON PARTS…good thing that dude wasn’t, and noticed the canister! It’ll be so cool if the code is cracked.

    • clavicarius (author)

      Ahhh I read a story in high school about someone having a boot fall down into their fireplace, and there was a FOOT inside, and turned out there was a whole PERSON stuck in their chimney, aaaaaahh! Someone who tried to burgle them or something and got stuck and died. I was terrified of our fireplace after that..

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