Call for Guest Posts

The title basically says it all.  If anyone is interested in writing a guest post for Clavis Cryptica, contact me at

Maybe you don’t have a blog, but there is a topic you’ve been wanting to write about and share with other people who are interested in puzzles, mysteries, and games.  Or maybe you do have a blog, and we can share some traffic and readership!  (Clavis Cryptica averages about 50 hits a day, so it would just be a little bit of exposure).  Or maybe you’re from a different country and want to share something cool you know about with the mostly-US readership here!  I think it could be really fun to have some different voices here, and especially to hear more from people who have a wider variety of puzzle/mystery/game experiences than I do.  I’m still quite a rookie, and sometimes it can feel like I don’t have much else to share.

If you’d like to write a guest post, send me an e-mail with the topic you’d like to write about and the date you think you’d like to have it posted, and we can work from there.  I’m open to review posts, puzzle posts, thoughtful analysis or criticism, general exploration of a topic, design discussion, and probably anything else you can think of.  And don’t feel too restricted by the “puzzles, mysteries, and games” categories.  Remember that I’ve written a lot of posts about sort of out-there topics that can only be tied back to games loosely.  Just try me!

I hope you all (in the US) had a nice holiday!  Nick and I took some time to play through Tabstop’s Virginia is for Lovers puzzles and really enjoyed them =)  A really nice pace for beginners.

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