A Very Brief Round-up

Only one week left in the LA Game Space Kickstarter.  LA Game Space will be a converted warehouse featuring space for exhibitions, speakers/workshops, residencies, and research labs, all about exploring the potential of games.  And it’s not just for people in LA, all the events will be livestreamed and archived online for free!  A $15 pledge gets you a pack of about a bazillion (30) exclusive indie games by designers of games including Katamari Damacy, Hotline Miami, QWOP, and Unfinished Swan (and even Pen Ward of Adventure Time!).

On Wednesday, I talked about the #1reasonwhy Twitter trend.  Tweets from #1reasonwhy, #1reasontobe, and #1reasonmentors are being archived at 1reasonwhy.net, cool!  Mentors are also being archived at this page.

Jonathan Blow’s The Witness has released a “Very Limited, Very Closed Beta” via Steam.  Though Blow says don’t get too excited, it’s still pretty exciting.  (And makes me incredibly nervous.  When this game comes out, I’m pretty much going to cut off all internet access until I’ve finished it so I don’t spoil myself in any way.  I would never want to playtest this game!)

And on a completely off-topic note:  Need some happiness in your day?  Here is a live feed of a family of kittens+mama cat called the Spice Kittens.  This guy foster cares for mama cats and their kittens until they’re old enough to be adopted, and live streams their time in his home!  He even posts videos of the times when they’re more active if you log in while they’re asleep/at the vet.  They’re pretty much the cutest, I love cats. The end.

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