My Mystery Hunt To-Do List

I got my first preparatory e-mail from my MIT Mystery Hunt team this week.  I am officially freaking out!  Definitely feels more like it’s really happening than just buying the plane tickets.  The e-mail was also kind of a wake-up call:  only 7 weeks until the hunt!  And I have a lot more I need to do to prepare besides just puzzle training!  So here is my to-do list so far:

  • Read all of my team’s massive Google site, especially the amazing intro guide they’ve written and the other logistical docs.  (I’m the type of person who has made a Google doc for Diamond Dash strategies, so I am all about the wordy Google docs!  Thankful that I’m on such a thorough and helpful team!)
  • See if there is anything helpful I can bring as far as equipment/office supplies.  Maybe I can win some new friends with my mom’s famous chocolate chip recipe.
  • Do whatever it takes to prevent my poor old laptop from overheating that weekend.  Hang in there, little buddy.
  • Figure out hotel sharing arrangements with some other team members, and decide on my sleep schedule.
  • Learn more about the public transit from the airport to the hotel/MIT so I’m not too lost when I arrive.
  • Figure out what’s going on/what I’m doing Thursday evening and Sunday-Monday.
  • Start making a list of what to pack and see if there are any holes in my winter wardrobe.  I feel like I discarded a lot of winter clothes in Austin and never really replaced them.  I’m cold-natured already, and Boston is not Austin.  Boston isn’t even Richmond.
  • Maybe make some goals for the weekend.  Things like have fun, meet some new people, not get frustrated, do something helpful for someone else, notice Boston, etc.
  • Make some sort of countdown calendar/reminder, or else it will be the week before the hunt and I won’t have done any of this stuff!

I’m sure the list will grow as I learn more about the hunt, but for now that’s quite enough I think!  Are there any glaring omissions?

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  • Persona

    – Get good sleep. You’ll want to stay up later than you’re really comfortable with at least once.
    – Spend a little time getting familiar with the general shape of MIT. Know which numbered buildings are in the main building, and which are outlying.
    – As an extension to the above, once your team has a guaranteed headquarters, learn how to walk from your hotel/T station to that room going outside as little as possible. Like you said, it’s cold out there. As you come more often, learn how to walk anywhere on campus without going outside.
    – Gather cell phone numbers for any online friends you know who will be on-site. Being able to say “Hey, I’m gonna be at this event, you want to come?” or “Hey, I got a brunch reservation!” can be really helpful.
    – Look once more over ACME’s Have You Tried list at . If there’s anything you don’t know how to do, bookmark a site to help you do it.

  • jarsyl

    -The last few years the organizers have arranged for a discounted hotel rate from a nearby hotel. The announcement this year says they’re still working on it, but it might still happen.

    -MIT is a station on the MBTA red line so it’s pretty easy to get there. In particular from the airport, you can take a Silver Line bus to South Station (last stop). At South Station you can switch onto the Red line (inbound) and go all the way to MIT.

    -Make sure to go to the opening ceremony at noon-ish on Friday. It’s interesting to see at least once.

    -Also, judging from this blog, you’d like the wrap up at 5pm-ish Sunday

  • Rhys

    Don’t plan to do anything once hunt (and wrap-up) is over on Sunday except collapse in a heap and sleep.

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