Friday Round-up

Just a few quick updates today, on the road! Don’t forget to try out my Christmas Gift Puzzle, it’s an easy/fun one 🙂 Have a great weekend!

Ravenchase Holiday Events
Ravenchase has three events coming up this month:  The Quest for the Golden Grinch in Richmond tomorrow, a Pubs & Puzzles race in DC on the 22nd, and the Quest for Father Time in Richmond on New Year’s Eve.


Escape from the Mysterious Room Starts Tonight!
Best of luck to SCRAP as they debut Real Escape Room SF vol 1 in Japantown this evening.  Uggh someone buy an extra ticket and take me along via Skype/smartphone???  I guess that kind of misses the point…


Fluxx now on iOS
Fluxx, the wacky card game where the rules are constantly changing, is now an iOS app.  I don’t really get how a multiplayer card game works on a mobile device, but I’m sure it’s fun and cool.