Cambridge Bound

After a nice winter break, I’m busy packing my bags to head for Cambridge, MA tomorrow for my first ever MIT Mystery Hunt!  I’m really excited/nervous, not just about tackling some seriously intimidating puzzles, but also learning how to be a helpful team member with important responsibilities.  I can’t wait to meet my teammates (which include people from the puzzling community that I’ve been hearing about since I started this blog) and be completely overwhelmed by the whole experience! =)

I can’t make any promises, but I want to try and do some tweeting during the event, so keep an eye on my Twitter account @ClavisCryptica starting tomorrow (though tomorrow might mostly be mundane things like “Oh no, they made me check my bag!” or “Boston is cold.”).

I should be back to regularly-scheduled posts next Wednesday, starting with a big Mystery Hunt re-cap, and followed by brief MAGFest recap.  Until then, wish us luck!  Go Team Left Out!