The Famine Game

The Famine Game

Citizens of Pangram,

You may be aware that this fall will be the 75th Annual Famine Game, and you are among the pool of possible tributes. As we like to do something special every Quarter Quell, we are excited to announce that for this year’s Famine Game, we will be selecting TEAMS of tributes instead of 24 individuals. We feel this change will result in the most exciting and thrilling Famine Game to date.

For up-to-date coverage about this year’s Game, please visit¬†

Specific information about the event, such as how to volunteer to be a tribute, will be released in the coming weeks.

Rejoice in the glory of our fair nation, and peace be to all!

Gamemaker Headquarters
The Capital, Pangram

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  • lahosken

    Yay, guess I’ve got some books to read.

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