In a few weeks, I will no longer be an East Coast Puzzler.  We are moving to Seattle!  “Mr. Cryptica” got a job at Microsoft, and we should be moving by the end of the month, or just after.  It’s pretty exciting!  I’m a little bit bummed because I feel like I’ve only just met all these really cool puzzle people on the East coast, and have just gotten involved in some great projects, and suddenly all of these Games are popping up out here.  But there is a lot to do and see out West, and a lot of interesting people to meet!  As long as you East coasters promise to keep in touch! =)

So what is waiting for me in the Emerald City?  Well, most of Twin Peaks was shot just east of Seattle, so I’ll probably have to start dressing like this:

And a lot of The Ring was shot in Seattle, so I guess everything there has a blue-greenish tint.
And The X-Files Game is set in Seattle, so I’m sure to stumble across a crime scene in a creepy warehouse at least once or twice.

As for puzzley things, I notice that Team Snout‘s Portland-based monthly puzzle meet-up Puzzled Pint is running in Seattle now.  Bars/pints aren’t really my thing, but puzzles and meeting new people definitely are.  I can’t think of a better way to make friends in a new city (something I’ve struggled with in the past).

Puzzle Hunt Calendar says I can look forward to DASH in May (though I’ll need a new team, sadface) and SEAHOP in June (by the way, Team Pokemon Puzzle League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, my husband needs to talk to you).  Google tells me that SNAP (Seattle and Nearby Adventures in Puzzling), a BANG re-run, used to be a thing.  And of course, there is the Microsoft Puzzle Hunt, but it appears they haven’t run one since 2011?

The drive down to Portland is less than three hours (which surprised me!), so that’s an entire extra city’s worth of events to consider!  I’ve also been informed that the Bay Area is a mere two-hour flight away, so I may find myself attending the puzzle events of my dreams down there from time to time.  (Is it safe to call San Francisco the city with the most puzzles?)

Not puzzles, but games — PAX Prime takes place in Seattle in early September.

If any of you know of any other puzzle, mystery, or game-type events that happen in/near Seattle, or just cool things to see and do, definitely let me know!

As for my work, I plan to start running spectacular Ravenchase events in Seattle, and maybe start doing more freelance web and graphic design.

And I’m going to go see about a bazillion Seattle Reign games.

Happy Friday!


P.S.  I’ve pretty much done a terrible job of doing anything useful with the East Coast Puzzlers group, and now I’ll be even less equipped to manage it, so let me know if anyone is interested in taking it over!

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  • Dan E.

    Minor correction: SNAP is its own puzzle tradition, maybe modeled after BANG but independent. Some SNAPs have rerun as BANGs and some BANGs have rerun as SNAPs and some have been simulcast as both…

    I don’t know what happened to the MSPH!

    The GC Summit will likely have a Seattle location added, you might enjoy that if you can make it.

    • clavicarius (author)

      Thanks for the clarification! Couldn’t help but chuckle when I tried Googling “BANG and SNAP.” Didn’t get the results I was looking for!

      Maybe I can get the inside scoop on MSPH once Nick starts working there =)

      Definitely interested in GC Summit!

      • Steve

        It’s super hard to Google for SNAP.

        You would probably like Puzzle Safari, though it’s only a tour of the MS campus.

  • lahosken

    Welcome to the best coast!

  • Steve

    MS Puzzlhunts do still happen, but they’re erratic… no annual deadline like the MIT Mystery Hunt.

    Most movies and TV shows set in Seattle are actually filmed in Vancouver, BC. Sometimes they do some outside shots downtown to give it a Seattle flavor. Othertimes they just use buildings in Vancouver and call it good. Ten Things I Hate About You was filmed in multiple Seattle locations.

  • Rich

    Wow, congrats to Mr. Cryptica and welcome to the West! Shall I pencil you in as a member of Left Out West for next year? 🙂

    • clavicarius (author)

      Thanks! And yes please =) I may get sentimental and decide to fly out East after all, but those couches and chairs looked awfully comfortable…

    • Todd

      No, no, no! Hands off her!

  • Greg F


    There are a couple of Microsoft puzzle things that really don’t have enough information about them outside the MS firewall. I made to try to remedy that a few years back, and it’s mostly up-to-date. If you’re looking for things to GC or playtest, the three annual events all welcome people to help in any capacity.

    Nowadays, the best resource for non-Microsoft people is the Seattle Puzzlers Facebook group:!/groups/146095215431100/ The best resource for Microsoft people is the internal site http://puzzlehunt/, and the mailing lists “puzznews” and “puzztalk” that it links to.

    • clavicarius (author)

      Thanks for all the info! I’ve just joined the Facebook group =)

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