Summer of Puzzles

So there are a lot of events coming up that you all should know about!  Here they are:

DASH 5 – May 18th
DASH is a day-long puzzle hunt that takes place in multiple cities around the country on the same day.  This year’s hunt is on May 18th and will be run in the following cities (bolding the ones I care about):  Albuquerque, Austin, Boston, Chicago, Davis, Half Moon Bay, Los Angeles, Minneapolis, New York City, Portland, San Francisco, Seattle, St. Louis, and Washington DC.  I hope our old teammates in/near DC had enough fun last year to go again, I would love to see some fellow mid-westerners make a good showing in St. Louis, and we’ll be competing in Seattle as team Rather Dashing (though we’re only three players strong so far).

It’s only $40 per team, it’s great for beginners, and it’s a whole lot of fun.  Go to DASH!


DASH 5 London – May 25th
London is getting its first ever DASH, running on May 25th!  So get on that if you’re in the area.


The Eighth Annual Great Virginia Race – May 25th-26th
A Ravenchase race that will take you across the great state of Virginia over the course of two days.  Includes a beginner and an advanced track, so no excuses!


Post Hunt – Washington, DC – June 2nd
I’m missing Post Hunt this year, being on the wrong coast and all =(  But if you’re near DC, you should definitely plan on going!  It’s great fun, if a little maddening.  Don’t miss out on your chance to see some really creative puzzles (for free!) and enjoy a fun day in DC with your friends.  I’ll really miss going to this!


The Great America Race III: The Quest for the Iron Raven – Pittsburgh to Chicago – August 10th-14th
How does a week-long puzzle road trip sound?  Five days, three states, one victorious team!  The Great America Race is the only puzzle hunt of its kind, running this year from Pittsburgh, PA to Chicago, IL.


The 75th Annual Famine Game – Washington DC – September 27th-29th
In case it didn’t show up on your radar, a pre-registration census has been posted for The Famine Game.  If you have any interest in playing, be sure to go fill out the census.  Also, if you’re an individual player looking for a team to join, fill out the census and they will try to match you with other players!


In addition to DASH, I’m also officially attending Shinteki Decathlon 8 on June 8th, SEAHOP on June 22nd, and Wartron: Boston on June 29th.  June 2013 will go down as the month I destroyed my brain.

Who else out there is planning on attending some of the awesome events coming up this summer?

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  • Chris M. Dickson

    I’m not all *that* close to London (about 240 miles north) but have got myself onto a DASH team and have booked my travel tickets down for next month. Really looking forward to it, hurrah!

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