Spring Forward


Glorious spring is here!  It’s (apparently unseasonably) sunny and mildly warm here in Seattle, and it’s awesome!  There is a lot going on this spring.


My JavaScript Game
Well, May 1st has come and gone and I did not even come close to “finishing” my tiny JavaScript game!  I had a lot of other, “more important” projects and tasks come up over the past two weeks and just didn’t stay committed to completing my burndown.  Lately I’ve been feeling like I’m doing too much at once while simultaneously feeling like I’m not doing enough (to get everything done that I want to do).

But there’s no use feeling bad about it, it’s better to look ahead and see what I can do to finish what I started. I have a few deadlines next week, so I don’t think I should set myself up to fail by scheduling anything before May 13th.

This week I tried out The Pomodoro Technique for time management, and so far it’s really working well for me (though it’s a bit hard to tell because it seems like my workload has doubled lately, so I don’t feel as effective as my “done” list says I am).  I’m starting to comprehend the “pomodoro” as a unit of work time (25 minutes of uninterrupted work, followed by a 5 minute break), and it seems totally within reach to commit one pomodoro per day to working on my game.  I can do it!


Springtime means puzzle hunt season is here!  Here’s what’s coming up, see more at Puzzle Hunt Calendar.

Saturday, May 4th – New issue of Puzzles & Answers Magazine
We played our first P&A Magazine last month (feels like ages ago!) with some local puzzlers.  It was enjoyable, but tougher than I was anticipating!  The new issue comes out tomorrow.  (Unfortunately we’ll be busy with no small amount of errands and (fortunately) the Seattle Reign FC home opener!)

Tuesday, May 14th – Portland, OR and Seattle, WA –  Puzzled Pint
Been looking forward to the next puzzled pint!  We took some friends last time.  It was their first puzzle experience and we all had a good time =)  Frustratingly, this is the same night as the So You Think You Can Dance premiere which I’ll be tempted to stay home for (but the first episodes are just auditions, and I can catch up on that later!).

Saturday, May 18th – All over! – DASH 5
It’s almost time for DASH! It’s almost time for DASH!!!  I’m unreasonably excited!!  I’ve been eagerly anticipating DASH 5 since we turned in our answer sheet for DASH 4!  I can’t wait to give it another go and see if our solving and racing skills have improved over the last year.  A good friend of ours from college is also planning to join us (his first puzzle experience!) so it should be a great time all around.  Expect a big DASH prep post!

Saturday-Sunday, May 25-26 – Richmond, VA to Warm Springs, VA – Great Virginia Race
I don’t live in Virginia anymore, but if you do you should go enjoy this weekend-long Ravenchase game!  There is even a beginner track for new players.  Should be a great time!

Saturday, June 1st and June 8th – Bay Area, CA – Shinteki Decathlon 8
I am super pumped to play in my first Shinteki event in June with Boneless Chicken Cabaret.  From what I hear, they are expertly run and a super fun time.  We’re playing the June 8th run and going down early for Escape from the Mysterious Room as well!  There are also some rumblings about a puzzler/gamer meetup/dinner after, which would be great for putting some faces with names of people in the community I’ve become acquainted with/aware of over the past year.  I don’t think I could be more excited about this weekend!

Sunday, June 2nd – Washington D.C. – Post Hunt
I am pretty bummed that we’ll be missing Post Hunt this year.  It was starting to become a reunion of sorts with friends in the DC/NOVA area.  I had a really good time last year despite the frustrations of the hunt itself.  There’s something strange and mysterious about Post Hunt.  They have the means to do really cool stuff (like build giant structures) so you never know what you’re going to find.  And then the electricity of the endgame is like nothing else (even though it usually shorts out pretty quickly when you miss one of the many plausible connections).  You always feel like there is this potential that you, out of those thousands of people, will be the one who “gets” it, who scoured the magazine and noticed just the right detail, who sees the light and follows the path to victory.  Sigh!  Maybe I’ll have a friend re-cap the event for me as dramatically as possible over the phone!

Saturday, June 15th – Brooklyn, NY – Come Out & Play Jam
Come Out and Play is hosting a live-action game design challenge/jam day for teens.  They’ll get to work with professional game designers to create and present a live-action game by the end of the day.   Two games will be featured in the festival in July.  Sounds so cool!  Too bad I’m not a teen or in Brooklyn.


Other Stuff

A while back, I wrote about a beautiful and interesting-looking exploration game coming up called Cradle, and it was recently Greenlit by the Steam community!  Alright!  Looking forward to it.

Here is an interesting article about the changing landscape of game design.  Very exciting.

I thought this Reddit post on low tides and high tides was inspiring in a mysterious way.  And this one about unearthing collosseums.  And this one about Panathenaic Stadium, with a comment that had some photos of what it looked like and might have looked like before it was uncovered and refurbished.  What is hiding just below the surface?


That’s all for this week!