Whodunnit? – Episode 3 Review


This week on Whodunnit?, the players had to solve the mystery of [spoiler]Adrianna’s[/spoiler] murder.  No format changes, but there were some new player strategies when it came to sharing information.



The group seems to have effectively split into two factions — the power group of four, lead by Kam, and everybody else, lead by Ronnie.  At the body investigation site, the two players from Ronnie’s group were whispering, reluctant to share information with Ulysses (part of the power group).


Everybody seemed to pretty much abandon all lying strategies this week and focus more on simply including or excluding certain members when divulging information.  It still seems like a well-crafted lie could be a huge power play at this stage, but with players from both coalitions at each investigation site, it just doesn’t work.  A new, secret group would need to form at the investigation site, and it would destroy all of those existing coalitions.  Could be something interesting to keep an eye out for later in the game.



The puzzle was pretty high-stakes this week, as both groups felt that they were still missing vital details on the murder method.

Ronnie dominated this week’s puzzle again, but betrayed his own vow not to share each revelation in front of the rest of the group.  He had several a-ha moments while standing in a group of people, and even announced them out loud.  Maybe it was part of a strategy to gain trust?  In any case, I like it when Ronnie solves the clues because he seems to be the one who most appreciates them.  I think maybe he just gets too excited about solving and tips his hand.

These puzzles are starting to remind me a bit of Post Hunt, where the wording and the puns might logically lead down several different paths, and it’s mostly luck whether or not you happen to find the right one.  I thought the riddle was going to have something to do with [spoiler]smell or taste, since it referenced covering your ears and closing your eyes.  There were bins all over the mansion, and “bin” is a computer term.[/spoiler]  And can you really blame Dana for wanting to further investigate those [spoiler]big, conspicuous monitors[/spoiler] all over the house before running off looking for more clues?


This puzzle also reminded me of a rule I’ve been trying to remember while puzzling:  if it seems too tedious, it probably isn’t what you’re supposed to do.  [spoiler]So it probably isn’t going to be the case you have to try every single tape in a trash bin full of tapes trying to find just one that has the evidence.[/spoiler]


I had completely forgotten there was a time limit on the puzzles, indicated by the bell ringing.  I was so confused when [spoiler]the girls didn’t follow Ronnie into the attic (I thought maybe the door locked behind him).  This helps back up my guess that obviously-the-murderer Cris very deliberately “figured out” the flag clue to help the group solve it in time.[/spoiler] Nevermind, the bell rings when the puzzle is solved!

While the previous puzzles gave a few details of the murder method along the way (the window missing a pane of glass, and the benzene), I felt like this time, the end point was really the only important part of the puzzle.  There were a few other pieces that reinforced information that was already known ([spoiler]the route Adrianna took, surveillance, and the clicker being important, though this was a bit misleading[/spoiler]), but the clue [spoiler]in the attic[/spoiler] provided the only new data.

And then, wonder of wonders, [spoiler]only one player in the group found that data.  Ronnie went into the attic by himself.  He could have done anything with that.  He could kept everything to himself.  He could have made up a very believable lie.  But what did he do?  He told almost everyone exactly what was in the room.[/spoiler]

I’m not really sure what Ronnie’s group’s strategy is regarding Lindsey.  Are they using her to break up the stronger coalition?  Are they trying to eliminate her by turning the power group against her?  Are they just trying to gain information?  Do they actually want her to be a part of their group instead?  Ronnie seemed to want to gain her trust by sharing the [spoiler]attic[/spoiler] details at the last minute.


Murder Method:

The method this week was a lot more solid than in previous episodes.  Explosion killed a person?  Okay, I buy it, no problem!  There were certainly a lot of extraneous bits and pieces though.  The biggest question for me was:  [spoiler]why make her drive off the paved road before detonating the bomb?  Possible answers:  1)  To make it harder for players to determine whether the bomb was in the ground or in the golf cart, and 2)  To make it easier for the producers to do a bomb explosion effect (less repairs after).  Kam suggested that maybe a sensor was in the ground on that spot, and the bomb could only be activated when it was above the sensor.  That doesn’t make a lot of sense to me, and it wasn’t mentioned in the killer’s description of the murder.  Did a sensor or something stop her golf cart short (also unexplained)?[/spoiler]  Red herrings aren’t cool, and neither are unexplained elements.



Interesting choice this week to have the next victim [spoiler]almost willingly meet their fate in front of the other players[/spoiler].  I thought it gave a bit insight into what the eliminated players experience from the production side of things.  The producers probably come and talk to them and explain what’s going to happen.  I imagined that maybe it was at least a bit fun for [spoiler]Don to walk into that kitchen,[/spoiler] knowing what the other players were about to hear. [spoiler] Sad to see him go, he seemed like one of the more genuine members of the group.  Dana doesn’t seem to be playing the game, I’m hoping she gets cut next week.[/spoiler]  And at this point, I’d love for Ronnie to win, although I’m not sure about his information-sharing strategies.  Eventually, I’m afraid the other players will catch on that he’s such a strong player and turn against him.

I still suspect [spoiler]Cris.  Some of Kam’s observations and deductions made me a little bit suspicious, but I think he’s probably just that clever.  And my gut still tells me he puts himself in the spotlight too much for him to be the killer.[/spoiler]

5 comments on Whodunnit? – Episode 3 Review

  • persona

    I don’t think the bell is a time limit. I remember cast members saying ‘Then we heard the bell, meaning someone solved the riddle’ or to that effect. I think the bell went off as soon as the [spoiler]attic door closed[/spoiler], not the other way around. Remember the bell rang as soon as the [spoiler]spark flew[/spoiler] too.

    • clavicarius (author)

      Ah, you’re right! Thanks for setting me straight, I would have been really confused this week =)

  • Tyler

    I can’t be the only one who thinks the killer is [spoiler]Giles[/spoiler].

    • Tyler

      (By the way, just read this post after NPL Con; I haven’t watched last night’s episode yet.)

    • clavicarius (author)

      I believe it’s been explicitly stated at some point that [spoiler]Giles[/spoiler] is not the killer. But don’t let that stop you =)

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