Whodunnit? – Episode 6 Review

Oh man, was I ever pumped for this week’s creepy episode of Whodunnit?!  This week, the players had to solve the [spoiler]double murder[/spoiler] of [spoiler]Dana and Sasha[/spoiler].



It was really apparent how few players are left in the game as they started splitting up to investigate.  Six players meant only two players per investigation site!  I anticipate some sort of format change next week to accommodate the remaining five players.

Players went to the Morgue and the Last Known Whereabouts for [spoiler]each victim (considered two separate sites)[/spoiler], no Crime Scene this week.  Naturally, one player from each faction went to each site.  Ronnie and Kam visited the Morgue together where Ronnie proposed a deal.  Kam set the terms — if Ronnie’s group iced out Geno (supposedly to prove whether or not he was the Killer), Kam would share information with Ronnie.  I can understand Ronnie wanting to make a deal.  He knew that the rest of the team was losing trust in him, and fewer players in a two-faction game puts everyone who doesn’t get the riddle solution information at a huge risk.  It was a good week to try and make a deal.


Melina and Cris took [spoiler]Dana’s[/spoiler] Last Known Whereabouts, where Cris tried to convince Melina that Geno must be the Killer.  She claims to have just been trying to create dissent among Ronnie’s group, but it seemed to fit right in line with Kam’s plan to ice Geno out.  I’m not sure Melina was convinced, but she did change her Killer guess from Cris (which she had guessed from the beginning of the show) to Kam, maybe based on the shoe size or maybe based on spending time with Cris.

After the investigation, Ronnie decided that alienating Geno was too much, and settled on withholding certain pieces of information from him instead.  To keep Melina in the loop, Ronnie quickly scribbled the details of the Morgue scene on a piece of paper and covertly passed it to Melina.  This sort of stuff is why Ronnie is my favorite player!




This puzzle started off strange, first sending players away from the attention-grabbing, creepy-as-hell crude wax dummies of themselves in the theater and up to the [spoiler]piano[/spoiler], only to send them right back down to [spoiler]operate on their dummy-selves[/spoiler].  I thought I remembered the preview for this episode implying they’d be locked in the room until they did something with the dummies, but maybe not.  (I’d really like to see a more drawn-out, less hectic puzzle-style challenge sometime, but I guess that doesn’t make good TV.)



Ronnie nearly sabotaged himself here.  The next clue relied on knowledge about the details of the bodies in the Morgue, which Ronnie did not fully divulge to Geno.  Fortunately, it didn’t seem to be the deciding factor in the race, but who knows if Geno might have pulled ahead with that knowledge.

After the puzzle, Ronnie attempted to make good on his deal with Kam, but Kam was quick to point out that Ronnie didn’t stick to the terms of the deal.  Bad luck for Ronnie, while things continue to go well for Kam.  How will their dynamic change when the coalitions become less useful?




There weren’t really any tricks or red herrings in this case, just a lot of question marks.  My biggest question:  [spoiler]why keep Dana conscious/alive to wheel Sasha out of her room?  Why not just treat both bodies the same way?  I guess you could reason that doing the process twice would risk alerting the other players, but it didn’t feel super solid.[/spoiler]  I thought it was particularly difficult this week to piece together what happened without the final riddle clue.

The [spoiler]stuffed shoes[/spoiler] was an interesting detail.  I was surprised when it was mentioned in the Killer’s monologue.  I thought it was going to be this key to the Killer’s identity that only Cris knew, but it turned out to only influence players’ Killer guess for just this week.  And, of course, [spoiler]those shoes could have been stuffed afterwards (though it sounds like Geno was the only eligible candidate for shoes that large, and he’s gone now).[/spoiler]



Missing numerous details of the crime, [spoiler]Ronnie and Geno[/spoiler] ended up in the bottom.  The two big questions this week:  How was  [spoiler]Melina[/spoiler] Spared and how did  [spoiler]Kam[/spoiler] catch the Killer’s eye over  [spoiler]Cris[/spoiler]?


After the cards were passed out, there was a strange thing about the Killer not wanting to murder anyone this week.  Maybe it’s just weird to me because I’m coming from the world of So You Think You Can Dance, where that sort of announcement has very real and emotional consequences for the viewers.  But it all turned out to be a big set-up for [spoiler]Geno’s death-by-chandelier[/spoiler].  We knew he was done for when they wouldn’t stop cutting to shots of him talking about how happy he was to cut loose and relax and revel in the knowledge that he was still safe.   I do wonder how far in advance he knew about it, since he was so quick to accept the news at the dinner table.  (Side note:  I love the uncomfortable, almost disgusted tone in everyone’s voice whenever Giles shows up.)

Glad that [spoiler]Ronnie survived, and Geno’s death maybe puts a kink into some theories (mostly viewers — Kam was the only one who suspected him this week, and I’m not convinced Kam ever really believed it was Geno).[/spoiler]

I’m still pulling for [spoiler]my boy Ronnie[/spoiler] to win, and [spoiler]Cris[/spoiler] is still my top suspect.  Looking forward to how five players changes the game!


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  • Myles

    Spoilers in this comment. I can’t be bothered with the tags, la.

    Thanks so much for posting these. I am enjoying this show very much and it’s like having a buddy to talk it over with. I also would like to know how Kam impressed the killer more than Cris, who had all the information. I agree with you about the murderer, though it could also be Melina. How else could she have stayed in this long? I am rooting for Kam. But mostly I am rooting for your blog.

    • clavicarius (author)

      Haha, thanks for the kind words!

      Of course, my theory is that it wouldn’t be right for the Killer (Cris) to be top dog twice in a row 😉 Melina and Lindsay are tied for my second guess I think.. but the bottom line is that the show really doesn’t give us enough to go on to strongly suspect anyone in particular.

      For even more of a community feeling around the show, definitely check out the subreddit at http://www.reddit.com/r/whodunnit

      Kam has been revealing a lot of details about the rules of the show. For example, the written exam does not ask who the Killer is, so those guesses are totally arbitrary!

  • Myles

    I’m behind on this, but just want to point out that I correctly guessed the killer and the winner. Reality TV editing 101. What are you watching now that it’s over?

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