Whodunnit? – Episode 7 Review


This week on Whodunnit? we saw a distinct shift in the power dynamic of the show as five players split into two teams attempted to solve [spoiler]Geno’s[/spoiler] murder.



I had heard that as the players dwindled, they would start opening up the investigation sites to all of the players.  Apparently, that’s only going to happen when there are three players remaining, so this week the players still had to split up.  This put Ronnie’s 2-person team at a huge disadvantage.  Actually, it even put Kam and Cris in a dangerous spot as Lindsey, the player known for being a bit two-timing, ended up being the player at an investigation site alone.


Ronnie made a split-second decision to follow Kam to the Crime Scene, reasoning that he had a better chance of getting information out of Lindsey later on than Kam.  Melina wasn’t happy, but I thought it was pretty sound reasoning.  Unfortunately, it turned out to be a fruitless effort as Ronnie failed to search the room thoroughly and Kam got some exclusive information even under Ronnie’s watch.  Interestingly, they both failed to discover the [spoiler]mechanism to release the chandelier[/spoiler], which might have been a useful detail on the test.


Lindsey went to [spoiler]Geno’s[/spoiler] room, his Last Known Whereabouts, by herself and found a treasure trove of clues, including a [spoiler]strange necklace left for Geno by the Killer[/spoiler] and a [spoiler]torn off note from a notepad[/spoiler].  Lindsey was able to reveal [spoiler]the note’s message by lightly drawing over the indentations left on the next page:  STEAL GILES’S CELL PHONE AND YOU WILL BE SPARED.[/spoiler]


Melina and Cris investigated the body in the Morgue and found a clear cause of death.  They also found the strangest red herring of the game so far:  [spoiler]Giles’s phone (which dramatically rang as soon as the girls discovered it).  The phone clue and its note seemed to serve no purpose in the story of the crime.  It wasn’t like Adriana’s spooky TV message that put her in the right position to be killed.  The only way I can imagine it not being completely superfluous is as a reason for Geno to (appear to) feel confident and pleased that he had been Spared for the night and do a crazy dance at the luau.  But he was already ridiculously happy after dinner, and that still has nothing to do with the murder.[/spoiler]  Weird, weird, weird.



While at the Morgue, Cris reached out to Melina and offered to share information later on to help her get to the next round.

After the investigation, Melina and Ronnie tried to piece things together while Lindsey attempted to give her team only selective information to see what her teammates would confirm from their sites.  I thought she could have played her hand a bit closer than she did, as she basically gave them all the details of her site despite her attempts to be vague.



This week’s puzzle was a lot of fun.  The players were first [spoiler]blindfolded and then lead to a pitch black room.  Their goal in the room was to find any of the night-vision goggles placed around the room and use them to see a message on the wall.  Ronnie was the first to find the goggles and message and followed the instructions to go through a cobweb-filled crawlspace and exit the room.  He grabbed the next riddle, which he correctly guessed was sending him to the morgue.  There, he had about a five minute lead on the rest of the players as he tried to solve an anagram puzzle.  Kam’s team made it out of the dark room next, but didn’t solve the next riddle before Melina made it out and joined Ronnie in the morgue.  Unfortunately, neither of them were able to solve the puzzle, and Kam’s team jumped ahead almost as soon as they arrived at the morgue.  Kam solved the next riddle and found the final clue: a gun with a silencer, and a pair of night vision goggles stashed away in a dresser at the crime scene.[/spoiler]


Although it was frustrating to watch Ronnie dominate the puzzle up until the last step, his team didn’t really miss out on too much information.  With the knowledge that [spoiler]Geno was shot[/spoiler], everyone basically assumed [spoiler]a silencer was used[/spoiler].  And the [spoiler]night-vision goggles[/spoiler] used in the puzzle itself were enough to clue players in to [spoiler]their use in a murder committed in darkness[/spoiler].

Melina and Ronnie felt pretty lost with their general lack of clues, so Melina tried to see if Cris was willing to make good on her earlier offer.  Kam made it clear that this was not an option.  I wonder if Cris would have agreed in private and away from her teammates?


Murder Method:

The murder was full of strange twists and turns this week, introducing a new element:  [spoiler]the Killer’s original plan not panning out[/spoiler].   The explanation also revealed several clues that the players missed this week, including the Killer’s [spoiler]bobby-pin entry into Geno’s room, the lever that released the chandelier, and the glow-in-the-dark paint intended to help guide the killer to Geno and plant him under the chandelier (not a missed clue necessarily, but never properly interpreted.  Logic-breaking Question:  with access to and willingness to use night-vision goggles, why bother with the glow-in-the-dark stuff at all?).[/spoiler]  Are the players in a rut, or was this week just more complicated?  At least this week, all three murder methods [spoiler](Plan A, Plan B, and the red herring)[/spoiler] were totally viable.



I was prepared for [spoiler]Ronnie’s elimination[/spoiler] based on some redditors’ clever investigation of the season promotional footage that revealed his death.  Another interesting reddit theory:  [spoiler]Melina is the Killer and can’t be eliminated, so Ronnie is told to throw his test with a wild theory (trained monkey) to justify Melina, who has equal information and is arguably less clever, surviving.  Ronnie’s guess was so out-of-character,[/spoiler] I’m heavily inclined to believe this theory!


Other Thoughts:

At this point, I’m pretty convinced that [spoiler]Kam[/spoiler] will win the game.   [spoiler]He is consistently the best player, at least in the social, investigative, and deductive aspects of the game (I still give Ronnie the prize for best puzzler, despite being anagram-challenged).  I think his appearance on the reddit threads is a bit telling at this stage (unless he just has a strong interest in the game and peoples’ theories, which is possible).  As long as he still has his team together next week, and is still as capable on his own in the final three, I don’t see any reason for him not to win.[/spoiler]

[spoiler]Cris still[/spoiler] has my vote for Killer, but there are some really strong [spoiler]Lindsey and Melina[/spoiler] theories out there that make me less sure of my guess.  Maybe the fact that those two are seeming more suspicious is all the more evidence toward my under-the-radar theory for [spoiler]Cris[/spoiler]!

Sad to see [spoiler]Ronnie go.  I want to write a puzzle hunt for that guy[/spoiler]!

Next week’s episode looks interesting, particularly [spoiler]Melina’s change of character.  With basically a three against one situation, a drastic change of some kind seems almost necessary for her survival.[/spoiler]  As for the murder method, the shot with the ping pong balls reminds me of a science experiment using liquid nitrogen I saw on YouTube, so perhaps some chemical combination to cause an explosion?  [spoiler]Hot tubs[/spoiler] use chemicals for cleaning and such, or maybe the heat had something to do with it?  Perhaps the festive BBQ-style dinner is a clue to a fireworks-like explosion?  We’ll see!