Friday Round-Up

Seems like there are a lot of relevant bits of news and such going on right now.  Also, Puzzle Pile is taking a short hiatus, so I might try to do this type of newsy post a bit more often in the meantime (sorry though, no crossword tournament updates from me!).


Scary Music Playlist
Need some scary music for your Halloween party this weekend?  Or maybe a soundtrack for your Betrayal at House on the Hill games?  I put together a short playlist of scary instrumental tunes (which is made up entirely of tracks from The Ring soundtrack) that should be suitable.  Watch out, it gets a little intense at times!  I’d like to expand this playlist a bit more, and make a “just spooky” version that isn’t so intense, so give me your song recommendations in the comments!


Online Halloween Puzzle Hunt – Ghost Patrol: Reconstructed
I’m pretty excited about this one, it’s a print-and-play puzzle hunt being run on Halloween!  This is part of the Ghost Patrol universe (which had a Game and a BANG) and sounds like it will be some spooky fun.  You can play anytime you want, but if you want to be ranked against other teams, you need to register and play between 3pm and 3am on Halloween (this Thursday).


Wise Guys Developing Augmented Reality Detective Game for L.A.
Want to play an immersive augmented reality detective game around downtown Los Angeles?  The seasoned game designers from Wise Guys Events are trying to make that happen.  The game will include custom-made artifacts hidden at locations around downtown as well as high quality video footage to supplement your detective experience.  If that sounds like something you want to play, head on over to their Kickstarter.  They’ve got some pretty sweet games-as-incentives at the higher tiers!  But be quick, there are only a few days left in the campaign!


Presentation and chat with Real Escape Game on October 29
So the people at The Go Game have started this thing called ADVENTURE DESIGN GROUP which they describe as ‘a free monthly speaker series featuring the best and brightest in interactive experience design’ and which I think is the coolest thing ever.  This month, they’re speaking with Kazuya Iwata, the guy in charge of Real Escape Game in the US (I met that guy!).  It will probably be an interesting talk, so go check it out if you’re in the Bay Area (and make sure somebody films it and posts it online!).


Octothorpean Order Hunt Opens November 16
Larry Hosken‘s much-anticipated The Octothorpean Order online puzzle hunt will open on November 16, and that is coming right up!  Gather up your team, it’s sure to be a good time.


Obduction – Upcoming Spiritual Successor to Myst by Cyan
Wow, so the creators of Myst are planning a new game called Obduction and they’ve launched a Kickstarter to fund it.  This is interesting, and I’ll probably play, but I wonder if I would be more excited if The Witness wasn’t a thing.  I’m really looking forward to seeing how Jonathan Blow modernizes the Myst-style adventure game, and it will be very interesting to compare it to what the fathers of the genre do with Obduction.  Just a few days in, the Kickstarter is about halfway to its goal of $1.1 million.


Interactive Fiction DEVICE 6 is Available on iOS
This game, DEVICE 6, looks pretty neat!  Seems to be a little puzzley and mysterious and artsy.  iOS only, so I won’t be playing it, but maybe you can!  Here is an article on the game, and here is the game itself.  $3.99.


That’s all for now.  Enjoy your last week of October, the best month of the year!