The Genius: Black Garnet, Coming Soon!


I’m breaking my long bout of blogging laziness to bring you important news: The Genius is coming back for Season 3 on October 1st. That’s next week!

The subtitle for this season is “Black Garnet,” which conjures up all sorts of thoughts about potential betrayal and trickery. Will there be some new type of garnet introduced that has a negative effect, so players will be trying to get rid of it? Could it be some sort of hot potato for Death Match candidates? I’m glad the mechanic of the black garnet (assuming there will be one) hasn’t been revealed yet, and I’m looking forward to finding out what it is.

I don’t recognize any of the contestants this time around ([spoiler]except for Hweejong, returning from Season 2[/spoiler]), but it looks like another good variety of players and skill sets, including a few players who were selected from an open casting call. According to some forum posters, there aren’t any big-name celebrities in the line-up this year, likely a move in response to last season’s notorious and somewhat game-breaking “broadcasters’ alliance.”

Unfortunately, the male:female player ratio is just as bad as last season, with only 4 of the show’s 13 contestants being women. Hopefully those four can stay in the game longer this time around and make up an equal or majority share of the remaining players at some point.

I’m also excited to see what new games are in store for Season 3. The trailer for the first episode reveals that the first Main Match will be a game called Fruit Shop, which seems like it might involve collecting or investing in different fruits and influencing their selling price. Season 2 introduced a lot of new Main Match games, and moved away from the repetitive Death Matches that made Season 1 a little dull. Hopefully we continue to see more innovation in the games in this season. The trailer also mentions changes to the garnet and Death Match rules. It’s reassuring to see that the producers are continuing to find ways to keep the show fresh, especially as each new batch of contestants becomes more savvy for having watched the previous seasons.

If you haven’t seen The Genius, it’s not too late to get caught up! Well, you might not get through both seasons in time for the premiere (the episodes are quite long), but with some strategic binge-watching you could probably make it by episode 2. Read my review of Season 1 if you need a little more convincing. And once you are caught up (no spoilers!), head on over to Bother’s Bar to share your excitement with like-minded viewers.

Keep an eye on the fabulous Bumdidly’s Twitter feed for updates about the new season. And keep an ear out for tracks from Idiotape’s new album, TOURS!